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I love how the fashion world embraces new technology with open arms. It was great to see Diane von Furstenberg trying out Google Glass earlier this year and feeling so passionate about it…

Recently disneyrollergirl got to try out a pair (I’m a total geek, would have killed to have done this!) and she explained how you have to tap the right arm to wake them up to bring up a series of command prompts which you then speak out loud. You then tap or swipe for further commands. For taking photos and videos and getting directions I think this would be brilliant. I see people’s worry that you could become too reliant but I think we’re quite good at adapting technology to our needs. And as I discovered during my week without my iPhone, we don’t become useless beings when our tech is removed, we just get on with life as before.

Anyway, having seen all the Google Glass action on the web, it became a lot more real when I discovered that will be getting them in eventually, the proposed price $200-$650. The prospect of the them being at your local opticians and available to the public suddenly brought home how close we are to having our own Google Glass. Exciting! See this infographic for more hands-on info

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