Blanket Cover-Up


We’re still struggling with the low temperatures this delayed London winter is throwing at us. So the trend for ankle-sweeping coats couldn’t have come at a better time… 

I’m finding that I’ve got two coats on rotation at the moment, one, cosy and (faux) furry and the other, this Finery one, chic in minimal grey and long like a blanket that you wrap around your whole body (and which at just £119, I think is amazingly priced). For someone who really feels the cold (not something the men in my family experience much, even little Gus) facing the elements with the right amount and type of layers is an undeniable win. Toasty on the inside, you can still get out and about your daily businesses.

Khaki is on everyone’s wishlist at the most, and in a knit, goes down pretty well. This cable (now on sale) with crochet detailing up the sides is big and bum-covering and I’m throwing on over quite a lot of things with a vest and tee underneath – PJs, yoga leggings, neat-fitting denim. Another piece from Revolve, who I am liking more and more at the moment for their excellent selection of all the stuffs.

So super impressed with the straight-leg jeans currently at Jaeger – read more about their excellent casualwear here – the fit is extremely flattering. And with 2% stretch perfect comfort factor. I chopped the hems as per, and really liking the frayed results. Can’t emphasise enough how much use I’m getting out of these All Saints Chelsea boots. Acne knock-off maybe, but I actually tried the Acne Jensen ones and they didn’t work on my very short legs, the toe being way to long. Whereas this pair, having spied on an equally short blogger, are just the right proportions. Got me all like epic win.

Jewellery wise, I’m all about the necklaces at the moment (lots to show you!) and I’ve been wearing this cute three-piece by Madeleine Issing pretty regularly, looks great peeking out over a jumper. Also, as I am forever losing small earrings, I stocked up on these half-star studs from the recent Missoma x Lucy Williams charity collection.

Other news, nothing major. Walking again which is about as good as it gets, which means back to yoga and zen happiness inside. Stuff coming up but as ever trying to take things at a more relaxed pace this year. Keep up with the random day-to-day stuff on Snapchat (@stylonylon)… can’t keep off there these days 😉


Bandana How To

Taking me straight back to my teenage years, the bandana is a totally brilliant way to add a little of interest to an otherwise quite minimal outfit. I fold the corners into the middle then roll in on each other, so no corners poking out. Wrap round the neck and knot and then tuck one of the corners underneath and pull out so it sits better.



Coat | Finery London

Jumper | Revolve

Jeans | Jaeger

Boots | All Saints

Bag | Jaeger

Necklace | Madeleine Issing

Bandana | Marks & Spencer (now reduced)

Photography by Kip Photography 

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