The Perfect Camera Bag

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAImpulsive as I usually am in day to day life (yes, just text me and I’ll drop everything for a cuppa!) and late night purchases on the phone while the house is sleeping, some things I do actually mull over for a while. These usually tend to be handbag purchases. Handbags being the things that facilitate life away from home… 

The hand-stitched Manu Atelier ‘Pristine’ bag had caught my attention on Instagram quite a few months ago, making a sartorial stir over in the US. I spent quite a lot of time on the product page gazing over its structured design – I mean, if ever there was a bag made to fit a micro-four-thirds camera, then this is it with its flat base, boxy walls and top – and gorgeous colours. I think the first I saw was in black. Then I saw it pop up again in tan and berry red for this autumn and a few searches took me straight to Net-a-Porter to find a whole range there. And in the world of bags, this is not the most costly. Anything around the £350 I consider to be pretty reasonable. So I took the plunge.

And I was not disappointed. In fact, I was quite the opposite. I had assumed the vegetable tanned leather would be the type that would stain in the rain, which in a tan, means you’d always need to keep a mindful eye on the sky, so I was thrilled to discover a leather coating which means any water would just slide off harmlessly. Then the magnetic clasp action was a complete delight to discover. The open/close action, which you can easily do one-handed with your fingertips is so satisfyingly smooth and secure, the top firmly clasps back in place when you’re done.

Plus more than enough room inside for practically all my stuff. My kit being a Pen F and couple of extra lenses (see my full working kit here) in addition to keys, purse, headphones, extra phone battery and portable phone charger. And yet, as the bag is so light, I feel like I’m in no way carrying a load. Anyway, I could go on… Since I received it, I’ve almost worn it everyday, fast earning its way into my day-to-day working life. In case you’re wondering about the coat, it’s faux and by Jakke London who do some amazing styles. So tempted to buy this brown too, it’s ridiculously cosy and wonderfully statement!


Bag | Manu Atelier

Coat | Jakke London

Jeans | Boden

Shoes | Mango

Sunglasses | Finlay & Co

Jumper | Gestuz

Ph. by Jay McLaughlin

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