Camel Coat & Grey Trousers

Really heavy on the desaturation at the moment, grey pictures for grey days. On a personal level I’m feeling good (cannot recommend the benefits of craniosacral therapy more!) but on a grander scale the world is feeling a pretty dark place at the moment… 

[ezcol_1half]Each crazy chaotic new executive order signed by Trump just elicits a chin dip of disbelief and repeat face palming. How can this be? I’m finding myself avidly scouring the news for every bit of new information – a clear sign of panic as I fact collect in order to hypothesize hopeful theories: “He’ll trip himself up, there’s no way he can sustain this madness!” “All the people around him are convinced he’s a psychopath, they’ll stop him from doing anything truly crazy!”. There are some fantastic articles over at – hats off to this intelligent publication for their continuing stream of brilliant, well-executed and fact-full feature. I recommend them all. But in particular this one about about current approval ratings is good and the National Parks defiance on Twitter and going rogue very heartwarming! [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Maybe in light of that I’ve been dressing somberly, to reflect a more serious mood as I’m finding myself worrying to sleep over the road we are currently on in the UK and the US. Stop thinking about Trump for a moment, and Brexit pops up its depressing head. So dressing a bit grandad, neutral colours, camel coat, cap and straight-legged woollen trousers (these couldn’t be more perfect, by AV London at The Collaborative Storefeels right. Oh wait, a glimpse of fun via the basket bag  (often sold out but it does restock!) and red DIY silk scarf handle. These are sombre and serious times, but there is always strength in hope and connecting with others out there – so wonderfully demonstrated by the worldwide #bridgesnotwalls and #womensmarch actions. There must be a way through this, we must stay postive![/ezcol_1half_end]

Coat* | Boden / Trousers* |AV London via The Collaborative Store / Bag | Cult Gaia / Trainers / Adidas /

Cap | Isabel Marant / Earring | Paz Oh / Jumper | Revolve (old)


Photos by Vikki on Olympus Pen F with 17mm lens

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