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I can’t quite get my head around how close we’re getting to the Easter holidays and I am getting that little bubble of excitement inside! We’ve booked our flights (well in advance compared to our usual last minute style, hah!) and I’m already dreaming of the sea of flowers with an Algarve spring…

But before I get ahead of myself and all the glorious photos I’m planning on taking! Here are a few of things lighting up my days and ensuring I’m enjoying my London days just as much. Lots to share with you as ever… Grab a cuppa and read on!


Spring tops are so very nearly back on the agenda (please stop this seasonal flip-flopping London – we’re chomping at the bit here!) and one of the most celebratory ways to go about things is with some super pretty broderie anglaise. This top is an extra special keeper as it’s organic cotton by the lovely ladies at Beaumont Organic

Top | Beaumont Organic


You might remember a recent jewellery design studio visit I made to Inger Studio. There I met the inspiring Inger, took loads of photos and learned about her making and process. Inger told me was how much she loved creating one-of-a-kind pieces for people and also how drawn she was at the moment to making more rough, organic, unrefined pieces. When the signet ring mould of a ring I had chosen came back broken, she asked if I’d like her to make me a one-of-a-kind piece in a more rough and unrefined style. I of course said yes!

A few weeks later Inger popped round to drop it off. I was immediately taken by the imperfect charm of the piece. It felt to me like it had been grown and plucked from a fairytale forest. It fitted two fingers, so I tried both to begin with until it settled, and somehow decided its own which way round. By the evening a bond had forged, it looked to me like it had always been on my finger and I haven’t taken it off since.

Obviously being one of those people who invests a little part of her soul in her ring 😉 this has now joined the ranks of my most magical pieces of jewellery – the others being a ring my mother had made for me as a teenager and a very old wedding ring bought by my grandfather. I think knowing that these pieces are utterly unique is a big part of it. Do check out Inger and her pieces, the refined signet rings are incredibly beautiful and I know she would happily discuss making something unique for you.

Ring | Inger Studio


The granny shoe which was welcomed so widely a few seasons back and continues to pop up in every possible highstreet and designer iteration. Turns out it also exists in an not-overly priced but extremely well-made shoescape as well. Now that this style has practically become a wardrobe classic – looks fantastic while still comfortable – I’d say it’s worth investing in ones that will stand up a bit more solidly over time.

There are quite a few options about, from Uterque and Malababa. This beautiful suede tan pair are Italian handmade and I found them on the ever brilliant Trouva – for those of you unfamiliar, Trouva is a fantastic collective of carefully selected independent boutiques around the country. Go have a browse, everything is gorgeous!

Shoes | Trouva


Last month saw the launch of the Soho Home range at Liberty. If, like me, you’ve drooled at the lovely pieces that furnish the Soho House clubs in London and Somerset (I don’t have membership, but have been with friends who do!) then this is a lovely way to access some of the clever decor decisions. The big Country House mug is perfect for a sizeable afternoon tea or morning coffee. With lots of biscuits too, see the lovley jute pouffe on my Instagram – floor cushions are a brilliant alternative to a coffee table, multi-purposing as a surface, foot stool and roll around toy for little ones.

Mug | Soho Home


Really one of the best monthly subscriptions you can sign up too. Every month the Geo-Fleur #plantpostclub contains, not just a fresh and healthy gorgeous new plant you never heard of, but thoughtfully created extra bits. Last month’s was a brilliant self-watering container and badge and this month’s is a lovely vintage hardback, The Observer’s Book Plants. Such a treat, utterly brilliant, not to be missed.

Plant & book | Geo-Fleur


I’m not sure why it’s taken me so long to twig that older, slightly maturing skin (ahem) needs replenishing with more serums and hydrating water-like products. I’ve never come across a water essence before (am I alone in this?) but am a total convert. I visited Jurlique recently for a skin assessment and was recommended this Water Essence with marshmallow extract (a very active ingredient I’m told!). So you work it in between a serum and a mist – yes, in my new skincare routine I am doing both these things; how times have changed! – and it really is the most satisfying thing. It’s like my skin thanks me everytime I splash this on. It just sucks it up. You’d think there might be some excess wateriness, but nope. Clearly what is needed and with all these new layers of serum, water essence and mist I’m finally getting on top of the random little dry spots that would drop up around my chin.

Water Essence | Jurlique


I love the wand shape of YSL’s The Shock. And the fact that it’s not one of those super clumpy mascara’s that are a total pain to get off. I just can’t be doing with that. I really love how this one applies with its curved one and gives decent lash coverage; I think they’re calling it ‘false lash effect’ which suits me and long, black lashes was what I had before pregnancy, less so now, and am forever seeking to recreate. I don’t ask a lot from my mascara 😉 and this fits the bill perfectly.

Mascara | YSL


I’m never not impressed by the quality and make of Wacoal lingerie. They’re the kind of pieces that would take pride of place in my underwear drawers if I was in anyway tidy and organised about it! These little lace briefs – from the very pretty Frivole collection – are soft, silky and super flat to your skin, so don’t make for any ruched up bumps when you pull on tight jeans, for example. There’s a soft flat panel below each hip which insures this while still allowing for the pretty lace detailing. The kind you want to wear everyday…

Briefs | Wacoal

Styled & shot by me on the Olympus Pen F and 17mm lens 30mm macro lens

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