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We’ve got lovely weather here in London for Easter egg hunting today! Take a peek on my Stories 🙂 But I took advantage of the light to put a Sunday Edit together for once all the eggs have been consumed and you need a little downtime reading…

So what have I got to share with you this week? Back in London (not quite as blamy/dreamy as the Algarve, I ain’t gonna lie!) I’m keeping my ‘woven things’ obsession in tip top condition with the absolute needfuls – bag, espadrille and hat… plus some lovely back-at-home things; gorgeous teaware and a beautifully made puzzle for kids… So, in no particular order:


This gorgeous woven (more of an open knit actually!) basket was a middle of the evening impulse buy on Instagram – yep, direct from Instagram – through the fabulous pre-loved and vintage account Folking based in the States. Having spied the basket on Leney’s @folkling page, I fell hook, line and sinker and immediately messaged, “I gotta have it!”.

So we transacted there and then via Paypal and this beauty was waiting for me when I arrived home. This was out and about with me all day today – check my Stories! Folking is a lovely account featuring secondhand pieces for sale, so do check out for some gorgeous pieces. Although if you’re buying from the UK remember to take into consideration import tax.

Bag | Folking Instagram


When I’m not over indulging in my #todaymycoffee on Instagram (despite all them shots 😉 I tend to stick to one a day, as I’m quite caffeine sensitive!) I do like a gentle tea in the afternoon. I’m a herbal tea drinker only btw, so tend to have a stack of Pukka flavours in my cupboard or Redbush. But I do have some lovely new ones coming from Teatime, which has some interesting looking blends, to try out – so stayed tuned.

Instead of using the same cups as I use for coffee there’s something quite lovely about using something super pretty and designated. I’ve long eyed up Wedgwood teacups in their round ‘hat’ style boxes at Liberty wishing someone would buy me one for Christmas, as they really are the most exquisite things. This pattern is called Butterfly Bloom – such a beautiful heirloom piece so definitely one for the birthday or gifts list!

Teacup & saucer* | Wedgwood


The reality of kids toys, and the ones they usually like the most, are that they are garish and plastic. Thus we have what feels like a mountain of plastic toys that I’m champing at the bit to take to the charity shop. But every now and then a wooden one comes along which is both pleasing to the parent and equally enthralling to the child. The minute we unpacked this George Luck ‘Amazing Animal Alphabet’ puzzle Gus was straight on it. Putting it back together with the help of the letters, ie. having to figure out which animals were what (this is aimed at 5+ age group) the level feels just right for Gus, who’s five next month.

Touching and feeling the beautiful shapes, discussing each animal – some we didn’t know, like the numbat (a banded anteater, who knew!) – and following the letters round in their spiral has been a fantastic play and learning experience. Favourite toy status has been confirmed as Gus carries it round like a tray or on his head from room to room and we each have to choose a favourite animal to hold in our hands even if doing something else! So yes, a roaring lion success.

Puzzle* | George Luck Amazing Animal Alphabet


I love the complete simplicity of this candle, new in from The White Company. Not a label in sight, it’s actually a gin & tonic candle! I love it for its gentle citrus scent and solidly shaped jar – definitely one to stick in the dishwasher and use for other things afterwards! Maybe an al fresco G&T 😉

Candle* | The White Company


Ever since the advent of my cap obsession since cutting my hair – kinda useful for pixie crop bad hair days, I’ve been on the lookout for something more summery. The problem being, with fedora style hats, is that usually the brim is too wide for me, which when you have no hair poking out, just looks weird. So I was thrilled to discover this one at Gap (along with this one, which I wore in Portugal) which were exactly right for my head and hair! Super cute and I will be wearing all summer long. And just £24.95!

Striped fedora* | Gap


Come summer, it is very much about the simple comfort and sweet ingénue of espadrilles. I tend to favour one pair, then wear them to death. But some interesting new styles are beginning to surface, not least these lace-ups by Emu Australia with their quite fabulous palm print (I’ve also go my eye on these beauties and these cuties). I mean all you need is a white tee, black jeans, these and you’re good to go I reckon!

Espadrilles* | Emu Australia


The Sezane slogan tees (in font of the moment seventies style balloon-shaped Cooper Black, although actually created in 1922 fyi!)  have been flying off the shelves as tees with ‘things written on them’ are having a bit of a moment right now. L’amant sold fast but you can still get your hands on this ‘la femme’ one with profits going to UN Women, the United Nations charity, which has been supporting women’s rights since 2010.

T-shirt* | Sezane 

I hope you enjoyed this Sunday Edit and wishing you a fab bank holiday Monday! 🙂

All photography by myself with Olympus Pen F with 25mm f1.2 lens

*Asterix denotes a review item; as always I only ever feature and review things I truly love 🙂

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