How I Cut & Fray My Jeans

While the grater my come as a surprise to some, it’s a damn sight than getting all fiddly with a pin or doing a lesser job with the scissor blades themselves! So grab yours from the kitchen, along with a pair of (good!) scissors and prepare to DIY you denim hems…

It was actually a godsend for me when distressed denim at the hems became a thing, because although I’d been doing it for a while, I hadn’t really made a thing of it and maybe as not much effort as I could have. Being 5″2 is a constant challenge when it comes to trousers of the right length and perhaps the reason I wear so much denim now. Because when you can sort out the length before rushing out in the morning then yes, that is a plus in my book.

This little video shows you the how-to, but I also wanted to mention the jeans themselves which a new Topshop style, Lucas, which are flying off the shelves. The bleach pair in the video are selling fast, but I just noticed (and have quickly bought in a smaller size!) this light wash as well. And as I mention at the end of the video, the lovely little bag is available for pre-order at Wood Grey now, (go quick!) and the raffia slides are from Australian site Posse, which yes, I ordered from there, came pretty quick though!

Big thankyou for all the lovely comments – ‘calming’ seems to be my You Tube vibe, which I can live with 😉 Excited to get filming my next vid, thankyou for the suggestions, lots of ideas now! 🙂

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Jeans | here & here

Bag | Wood/Grey

Slides | Posse

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