Take Two, Or Maybe Three

It’s not often Gus pops up on the blog, which is kind of crazy given how he’s pretty much my everything these days. He’s hit that age (words computing into both the ability to reason and joke – yep, communication with words peeps, making parenting infinitely easier) where he’s kinda like my little pal. And full of surprises. He loved the idea of doing some photos with me for Tu Clothing’s #TakeTu. I mean, obviously I mentioned there would be a puppy and ice cream… 

I think I was just covering all my bases really; he’s his own little person and I didn’t want to just assume he’d want to ‘do photos’ with me. My photo obsession is a little bit of a household bugbear 😉 although my heart melts if he tries to cheer me up by bringing me something to photograph. Often a little insect from the garden. Obviously I cannot wait until he properly gets into photography and I can share my obsession passion with him.

What I also love is seeing little family traits from one family member or another come out in unexpected ways. In terms of clothes, he is wonderfully specific eg. black or blue socks only and likes things to be just so. You’d think that would make choosing clothes for him difficult but it actually makes it easy. Bright primary colours always go down well and his pillarbox red Tu plimsols were such a hit (elasticated laces I am in awe!) he immediately put them on – in fact the whole outfit – and demanded we go out to the park on his bike to test them out/show them off to the world!

The stripy rain jacket has come at the perfect time – given this weird combination of muggy, rainy weather we’re having at the moment – and it’s on straight over the school uniform every morning. Sizing was great – something I often got wrong from ages 1-3 ahem! – but I just went for size 5-6 (he’s five this June) and all worked out fine. Plus the shorts and hat came in handy pairs of two, so that’s summer pretty much sorted!

I kept my outfit simple. The key piece, the denim jacket, I have completely fallen in love with and is so easy to pop on; the cut and colour is just right – you don’t want a denim jacket too fitted, but it needs to sit up well around the collar. Do buy this while in stock; it’s such a bargain at £22 and I’m wearing all the time! Even with denim. Fyi, I went for my normal size 8. Easy wide trousers and I thought I’d try something a little different with the low heel strappy sandals which are such a classic look. And very wearable too, could definitely do these on a weekend picnic or party affair… Bring on the sunshine!

Gus’s Outfit

Coat | T-shirt | Shorts | Shoes | Hat

My Outfit

Jacket | Trousers | Shoes | Hat

This post created in collaboration with Tu Clothing 

Photos by myself and Life of Yablon on Olympus Pen F with 25mm f1.2 lens

And a big thanks to Ziggy Stardog the puppy for joining our shoot!

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