Canon EOS M – The Fashion Blogger’s New Best Friend?

The Canon EOS M – The Fashion Blogger's New Best Friend?
Image credit Style Scrapbook

New camera obsessions have become a huge part of my photography habit. The perfect camera package – ie. one that is small and light and takes fabulous photographs – is the holy grail, right? My first attempt was the Canon G11, but we never clicked. The ergonomics didn’t sit right with me, I never liked how it felt in my hands, I hated the ineffectual viewfinder and I found it clunky taking it out and about. I then developed a serious obsession with the Fuji X100 that was released last year, but though an object of design beauty and by all accounts an outstanding camera I knew it was still too big and clunky. Every now and then I’d let myself drool over Leica models and eventually a bit of research into the Leica X1 – the brand’s upper end digital compact built around a lovely big sensor – and a hal price bargain listing on eBay convinced me this model was the answer to (most) of my prayers. Excellent image quality in a superbly light and beautifully designed case has meant this camera has travelled with me all over. It’s not an action camera, the autofocus is slow, and the fixed lens is both a creative stimulant and constrictive. Lack of viewfinder and no interchangeable lens capacity aside, this camera has pretty much assuaged my camera lust. Until, that is, the appearance of Canon’s new mirrorless interchangeable lens compact this autumn. With a lovely big sensor (the biggest of any compact and same as the one on the Canon DSLR 650d), interchangeable lenses with an adapter for EFS & EF lenses, and at half the size of a DSLR weighing 255g, this model could possibly make redundant my Canon G11 (for sure!) and possibly my 400d body (which I only ever use at home).

What’s interesting is how the Canon M has been targeted at creatives and specifically fashion bloggers by way of Andy Torres of Style Scrapbook, who features in one of the five Power to Generation M with Vice campaign videos (see above – lovely video with two inspiring still photography ideas) and is one of three used in the billboard and editorial campaign. I’ve scanned a few reviews and the upshot seems to be that the image quality is excellent, even as good as the 650d – you can achieve fantastic bokeh and depth of field and the world’s your oyster depending on your lens –, and of course nice and portable. The downside seems to be slow autofocus and the weight imbalance when you attach longer lenses to the body. And no viewfinder, but to be honest I think this is just something we will have to learn to live with if we want compactness. My feeling is that the image quality will win out over over the downsides and be extremely appealing to a whole range of photography types. Especially the fashion blogger, who is obsessed with attaining top image quality with as portable a camera as possible. I’ve noticed Susie Bubble is a creative ambassador for the camera and is sporting one as well as Fashion Bits and Bobs who gives an overview of the camera here. I know for me, having splashed out on a 50mm 1.4 Canon lens which I only use at home, the temptation is huge. I can quite easily see myself chucking my 50mm and a Canon M in a bag for both short and long trips. What about you? Does the Canon M appeal to you? Have you gone ahead and bought one? Do you know any fashion bloggers using one, creative ambassadors aside? I’d love to know!

Canon M EOS £769.95 at Selfridges
Canon M EOS £499 at Jessops

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  1. I’m planning to buy myself a new camera this year, so this was really enlightening thank you! Not that I often use it, but what does slightly put me off is how there’s no built in flash!? I love how portable it is though, easy to pop in your bag rather than lugging around my Nikon! Happy new year! xx

  2. It does come with a speedlite flash that you attach to the horseshoe I think. Also just saw it in the airport yesterday for £499 plus a £50 cashback from Canon. So if you’re travelling definitely the place to buy it! Yes, am all about portability these days 🙂 Happy new year!!! Xx

  3. Yes, I saw that! They’ve got it for £550, with a £50 cashback from Canon. But actually, I saw it at the airport last week for £499 with the cashback on top. So waiting for my next trip I think! 

  4. What I love about this camera is that it can emphasize the jewelry I’m wearing. It’s perfect for me, because I blog more on accessories, rather than clothes. You can also set the right exposure to show the vivid colors of your outfit or even makeup! Truly a fashion blogger’s best friend!

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