Ripped Denim, Ancient Greek Sandals & Self-Reflection

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Maddening that the other week I actually bought a pair of pre-ripped jeans. It’s been bugging me for days…

I just had to do my own. You know, like I used to, in the nineties. Seeing as we’re having a nineties revival right now. Which is great for some of us, we get to relive our teenage years, just a little more elegantly. Really? Here’s hoping. The jeans grabbed for spontaneous ripping (ok, with the help of some sewing scissors and then just the kitchen ones) are by Zara, and it all came back – how you are actually creating a hole with the perfect amount of fraying at just the right length. Yes, I trimmed my frays and even chopped into them to create texture. But the jeans are only really the canvas for my gorgeous new Ancient Greek Sandals (bought with a lovely big discount for being such a, ahem, loyal customer) – the first time I’ve ventured into the land of the thong sandal, convinced previously that my feet might not suit them. Yes, the narrower, the more elegant the foot the better look you get, but what I didn’t realise was that from certain angles the thong sandal actually contributes to aforementioned attributes.

And today the sun came back, which was joyous. It helped fend off the creeping moments of self-doubt (perhaps I’m just mediocre at everything I do?) that have come a-swirling. Self-reflection on grey days can do that to you. Or the spaces that are left in your head when you’re looking after a little one – yes, it’s absorbing but it’s like there’s a transposed ticker of unrelated inner thoughts shadowing your every action. If that makes sense?

I am wearing Zara jeans, By Malene Birger striped tank top, Ancient Greek sandals, necklace c/o Next, sunnies c/o Pinned It! Made It!

Stylonylon - Uk Fashion BlogStylonylon - UK Fashion Blog Stylonylon - UK Fashion Blog Stylonylon - UK Fashion Blog Stylonylon - UK Fashion BlogStylonylon - Uk Fashion Blog Stylonylon - Uk Fashion Blog


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