An Alphabet Meme – 26 Questions

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The other day Melissa from My Lief Life tagged me in her 26 questions. I’ve never done one of these on the blog before so thought it would be fun! Here goes… !

A: Attached or single – Married to a boy from Skye I met at school! 

B: Best friend – Can I say my husband?! Actually I’m lucky to have best friends from my school days and later life too. 

C: Cake or pie – It has to be cake, of the rich chocolate variety.

D: Day of choice – Saturdays. I love Saturdays – lazy fun, no expectations and usually a spontaneous expedition materialises. 

E: Essential item – Like Melissa, it too is my iPhone. Couldn’t live without it – for photos, instagram, twitter, pinterest, phone calls texting, Kindle, entertaining the little one in emergencies… 

F: Favorite color – Hazy sunset colours. 

G: Gummy bears or worms – Yuck. Never was into winegums of any description. 

H: Hometown – Um, although I didn’t arrive there until I was 13, it has to be Edinburgh. (Translate: no obvious answer to that one!)

I: Favorite indulgence – Alpen muesli. Don’t ask. Hangover from my pregnancy. 

J: January or July – July! My sunny birthday month. 🙂 

K: Kids – Guilty of stealing more of Melissa’s words here – one miracle child!

L: Life isn’t complete without… – Hopes and dreams. 

M: Marriage date – 24th August 2012

N: Number of handbags – In constant flux.

O: Oranges or apples – Oranges with salami, apple with brie. 

P: Phobias – Overhead lights and closed doors. Is that weird??

Q: Quotes – “One of the secrets of life is continuous small treats.” Iris Murdoch. 

R: Reason to smile – My son Gus and cat Hodge both fast asleep on top of me. 

S: Season of choice – Springtime when all the wildflowers are blooming. 

T: Tag 5 people – Joanna, Maria, Toni Caroline, Vaida, Maddie

U: Unknown fact about me – I’ve read a lot of sci-fi. 

V: Vegetable – Anything steamed plus butter.

W: Worst habit – Immediately turning off overhead lights and opening closed doors on entering a room. 😉

X: X-ray or ultrasound – Neither, ideally. Although seeing the curve of Gus’s spine via ultrasound was one of the most amazing moments when I was pregnant. 

Y: Your favorite food – Italian, of course! 

Z: Zodiac sign – Cancer (married to a Taurus, mother to a Gemini!). 

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  1. wow! lovely! 🙂 that’s a great way to learn more about a person! 🙂
    will definitely do that tomorrow or on Monday! Thanks for tagging me in!!! XXX

  2. Tuesday 28th April 2020!! So glad you put a link to this old post!! It’s brilliant!! I have to try oranges with salami…never heard of that before!!
    And I have two best friends that I have known for over 30 years…we’ve never fallen out and don’t see each other often because of distance but we can pick up the phone and it’s like we saw each other yesterday!! But my husband is also my best friend…we talk about anything and everything…he’s always the first person I talk to about anything!!
    Amazing post….thank you for sharing! X

    1. Oh I’m so glad you enjoyed it! Was fun reading it back through too 🙂 Glad to hear I’m not the only one, haha! x