Style Sharing – Where Do You Pose Then?

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Part of the new age of digital fashion and its sprawling empire of online platforms is an abundance of apps and sites to upload your looks… 

It took me a while to get on board with this but social media quickly becomes secondary to breathing when you get into style blogging. 😉 I can’t remember how I came across US style app Pose and while I’ve tried out several style platforms (dormant accounts, I have a few – sorry internet gods) Pose is one of the few I continue to use regularly. Let me list the reasons why:

1. It’s by far the glossiest, most magazine-like app I’ve come across. And it works beautifully on iPhone and iPad.

2. The looks uploaded are high quality, therefore, really inspiring and a great place to get ideas.

3. A huge number and variety of users means there’s always something new and exciting.

4. The Pose team cares about their users – they answes any questions, are supportive and live their app with their own profile pages, amazing looks and liking other users poses.

5. It’s not just about your ootd, you can post anything from a new pair of shoes and entire outfit post to a collage and your latest mani.

6. It’s constantly evolving, which is so important in this crazy fast world of digital technology. New ideas and applications keep things fresh and exciting.

Are you on Pose? What style sharing platforms do you like the best? If you fancy, come join me and follow my poses on my profile page and if you’re new, sign up here!


Disclosure – This post is a collaboration with Brandbackers.