OOTD – Favourite Denim Cutoffs – A New Moon


For the first time I can remember I am the proud owner of two pairs of awesome denim cutoffs…

These and this high-waisted pair and they’ve all I’ve been wearing in the hot Portuguese summer sun. They’re such a classic and I realise I’ve been amiss not building up a decent collection. I think it’s because I’ve never been such a huge fan of my legs, so short, but well, let’s move on. The pink flowers are the bloom of an oleander tree which is actually poisonous, not the kind of thing you want to go chewing on – but they’re everywhere here and in California, from what I’ve heard, and despite all the scare stories nobody’s ever died from it.

This is the last of my outfit posts from sunny Portugal – I’ve been spoilt for choice out here with gorgeous backdrops but next post you’ll see me back in good old Hackney, posing up a storm in my hallway. So I hope you’ve enjoyed this outdoor series! I will try and get more out and about with outfit posts at home but it’s not that easy when I’ve got the little to look after – much easier snapping in the hallway while he naps than trying to arrange a dedicated afternoon out. I also still find the idea of taking self-portraits with passers-by utterly mortifying. You?

Btw, in case any of you out there enjoy a bit of astrology, I just discovered it’s a new moon in Cancer at the moment, which is meant to mean lots of lovely fabulous things and a fresh start for Cancerians, which is just how I’m feeling at the moment. All powered up! Which is not something I’ve felt for months. A good energy all round!

Wearing Zara denim cutoffs (sale), Zara top (can’t even find a similar, sorry!) and Havaianas.

denimcutoffs5 denimcutoffs6 denimcutoffs7 denimcutoffs8



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