I Need This – You Probably Do Too…

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This photo is an outtake from a few I took the other day and then didn’t use because of the bad light in the rest of the shots. But can you spot what else is wrong?

No? Come on. Still no? It’s the bra straps so brazenly on show. Something I do all the time, because I love a racer back but I also like to wear a bra (technically a bralette, you know, the comfy ones with no underwiring). Each time I do, I sigh and try to ignore the obvious mess of it all, forcing myself to accept that I’m just the kind of girl who’s cool with showing a bit of strap. Except if I had the choice, I wouldn’t. I like neat, clean, simple and unfussy. And it turns out I can get that for a mere £2.99. What is this wondrous item, you holler? Just one of those oh-so-clever little inventions you wish you’d though of yourself; they call them bra strap clips (a bit clunky, granted, but hey) and you can attach it to your front or back straps (front might feel a bit odd, though). You can buy such a thing from lingerie site CamilleCollabCamille

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  1. First of all you look TAN! (maybe the lighting is good after all)
    and yes as I was reading this on feedly I was screaming inside about the little clip and then I read through the end and there you go- you’re a step ahead I see 🙂 I need to upgrade to such a clip from the bread twisty thing I currently use……

  2. I think it is the light, I do look extra tan in this! Yes, handy little thing, wish I’d come across it before. Bread twisty thing.. ah, yes, I know what you mean! Clever 🙂 xx

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