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I first saw this awesome leather jacket at the Wallis W Collection press day and fell completely head over heels for it. I tried it on a size up and suddenly leather jackets just made sense to me in a way they never had before…

I’ve always owned leather jackets which are tight-fitting and a) it’s not a cool look when you’re wearing skinnies below and b) you can’t fit a sweater beneath. So the idea of an oversized leather jacket clicked into place for me right there, right then. When asked what my favourite piece in the showroom was I immediately said the jacket and nearly fainted when they said they’d like to send it to me. As I’ve been away a bit, it only arrived just now and it’s every bit as fabulous as I remember. Super soft and just The. Perfect. Fit. for the way I’m wearing things now. (I’m not the only one btw, Kylie from Memoir Mode fell for it too!)

I thought it’d be cool to contrast the tough leather and biker boots with an oversized pink shirt buttoned up to the top and I’m loving the result. Kind of tough prim & proper. Totally wishing I’d thrown on a pair of specs to the complete the look too! And then, of course, I had to bring in this season’s superstar, the checks, in the form of this incredibly warm very large scarf by Zara which is a godsend in this cold weather. I’ve been seeing loads of these Zara scarfs on the blogs and street and am almost thinking about getting another one, in tartan. Only £20!

Have you got a favourite leather jacket? Do you wear it oversized or fitted?

Wearing Wallis leather jacket*, Tommy Hilfiger shirt from TK Maxx, Topshop petite jeans, Bronx cutout bikers* from Bank & Zara scarf.

Outfit | Cool Leather & Checks | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon Outfit | Cool Leather & Checks | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon Outfit | Cool Leather & Checks | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

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  1. Damn you are looking so beautiful in Leather Jackets and I think women should wear Jacket as they very gorgeous and attractive in it. I really appreciate it and I’m going to tell my wife to read this article as well 🙂 Keep on sharing and updating about new things as well (Y)

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