Test Shot | Lighting An Outfit Post

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Maybe it’s because I don’t have a homebound photographer to take my outfit posts and maybe it’s because I’m always trying to do hundred things at once with never enough time, but I really like taking outfit posts indoors…

I really don’t have time to hit the streets very often with a blogger pal (although I do every now and then with the lovely Sanju from Mero Retro!) and take our leisurely time doing photos. My outfits are, more often than not, spontaneously shot, when I like what I’m wearing or have something new to show you. My back garden wall suffices, but I really like the white brightness of indoor shots, when the light is right, which is like never. So, although I often do shoot indoors in the hope the light is bright enough and hitting me just right through my hall skylight, I’m never that happy with the results and end up post-processing quite a lot and then they look too overdone.

So, after my trip to Sweden with Olympus, where I saw a workshop on lighting techniques I thought I’d bite the bullet and try out some indoor lighting. Let me just add, I never use a flash on camera and have never used one off! The good news is that it didn’t cost the earth (I spent about £80) and it’s super easy to set up.

The light and trigger set just arrived today and I just got it working! I haven’t even tried playing around with the settings yet. But step one accomplished. I have a light on a stand that triggers with my camera shutter. In the picture above, I am sceptically waiting for it to happen! Of course, there was quite a lot of natural light and the flash was acting as a filler. But I’m quite happy as I think this is going to give me a lot more flexibility shooting indoors. Will do some more test shots soon!

ps. Just bought these fabby Manebi espadrilles off Net-a-Porter and I luurve them. Now I want them in leopard!

Manebi espadrilles | Paige denim Callie boyfriends | Topshop top (old) | Monki Hope sunglasses