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This is the first real stiletto haze of excitement I’ve been in for a long time. As you know, it’s mainly the ‘ugly shoes’ that get my undivided attention around here. But seeing these on the Daniel site the other day… 

Full disclosure, I was browsing shoes at the playground while Gus stuck sticks in the sand (mega mama faux-pas/bad mama – btw we watched Bad Santa last night, whew, some good lines in that!). Anyway, I saw these and was done for. This is proper high heel territory and for me that always translates to late nights and dancing. Those are the days I used to wear these kind of shoes. Are they coming back?

Well, I’m pretty excited about the Fashion Targets Breast Cancer launch party next week and these are gonna be featuring in my cream and black outfit – got a gorgeous organza skirt on the way and the Amy Hall mohair tee I’ve been wearing. Now I just need a red bag I’m thinking! Something along the line of this little cutie by Village England? I actually have one of these sitting by my desk, but it’s destined for my hamper for the Fashion Targets raffle so I don’t get to play; damn, damn shame.

In other news, these just arrived. That is all. (Outfit post coming soon!)

Sling back boot* by Daniel Footwear

Daniel Footwear | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

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