A White Dress


After a meeting with Wallis in a cute little cafe just off Oxford Street  yesterday (keep your eyes peeled for a summery giveaway coming up!), I did something I haven’t done in ages (why? blame it on motherhood!), I popped into Zara with the express purpose of impulse buying…

I always feel with Zara, whose collections just continue to impress season after season, it’s really about right time, right place for snagging something special. All too much recently, I’ve been way too late to the game, scrabbling around online to find something that everyone else has already got their hands on. So I felt pretty pleased to be making an early spring recce of what’s on offer currently, and ended up buying two pieces that I know will be brilliant through the summer.

A khaki blazer with rolled sleeves a la Don Johnson circa Miami Vice, the perfect alternative to my leather jacket, for when I want something a bit lighter or smarter. And a floaty white dress with slits up the side for throwing over leggings or cutoffs – can’t find online but there were so many lovely white dresses it was hard to decide. Really pleased with both my choices, the blazer seems to go with absolutely everything! Espadrilles by Penelope Chilvers, coming back into stock in the next day or two (these gorgeous silver & champagne pair have just arrived too!)

Any impulse spring purchases at the moment?


Still wearing my Anna Lou of London tag necklace practically everyday!

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