Bust Up Knees

A £15 pair of grey skinnies from H&M – impulse purchase bust! – are the perfect guinea pigs to try out a bit more vigorous DIY destruction with scissors, cheese grater and brute force…

I wanted to go a little further than my conservative approach of last time. I snipped a hole, ripped by hand to the other seam, roughed up and tidied the edges, applied a cheesegrater vigorously in all directions, then decided I needed more gapage so cut out an extra strip and distressed the edge all over again.

You kind of need to get a bit rough to get the ‘busted up knee’ look on skinnies, otherwise when you stand straight you don’t see no hole – pah!

I hope this post turns out ok – minus laptop, I shot the photo on my camera, transferred to phone (very handy the Olympus Share app), edited therein on VSCOcam and am now posting in the WordPress app… Who needs computers, huh?

We had a lovely walk by the canal today – so hot! Hope you’ve got a fun weekend lined up? Feels like proper summer now, doesn’t it? Time for fun!

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