Rentree In Comfort


That back to school feeling is kicking in big time – ‘rentrée’ in French as you probably know and I probably once knew, but took reading Porter to be reminded, ha! Desk tidying, list writing, plan-making, you know the drill…

Plus making some serious additions to the autumnal wardrobe. For me, these AW14 Chie Mihara boots are probably my biggest seasonal score so far (apart from this coat!). Why? Because Chie Mihara is the only brand I know to actually make heels you can really walk in, like, really get on the tube and head into town with no fear at any point of being caught somewhere that suddenly feels way too far from home to be a few inches higher off the ground than normal. Extreme comfort. Maybe it’s because they are hand-made, but they’ve managed it – and these booties are the kind to keep your feet warm and dry which is of utmost importance as we roll into the winter months, brrr.


Twist & turn – such easy maneuverability in a noticeable heel, non?

Speaking of which, has anyone bought anything from the Altazurra for Target currently available on Net-a-Porter? Am seriously considering this faux fur, but then I made a 4am thunder & lighting impulse purchase of this H&M one the other night so not sure I need two new fauxs. But then, given how big faux is this season, maybe I do. Maybe I bloody do!



The trousers are part of attempted manoeuvres into the tailored trousers territory – one of a triumvirate of navy pieces I chose at Reiss over LFW (thank you Reiss!); definitely one to watch at the moment as they are moving away from the very girly towards to cooler, more androgynous styles (and they go down to a size 4 for us littles!). Although girly is going to be big next spring if the LFW shows are anything to go by. Just sayin’. Also these trews were tailored by Reiss, which is such a brilliant service and something we all should do more of!

So tomorrow I have booked a hair appointment at the much feted George Northwood salon – not with George himself, he who cuts Miss Chung’s hair and whose fee comes in at a cool £300 but senior stylist Roi as recommended by Life of Yablon who writes up her very positive experience here. My first haircut in nearly three years… I hear you gasp audibly.

I have, in fact, been cutting my hair myself by way of a ponytail and pair of scissors over the bin in one fell swoop, which would explain why it is such a mess of different lengths. Not recommended if you ever wear your hair down. Which I don’t. Which is why I’m going for a cut, to see if there’s any hope that I can. The last time I wore my hair down was permed in 1990s – it’s the only way I could get it to look ok. So a lot is riding on tomorrow… Who knows, I might even go short again!


I am wearing a Miss Selfridge faux biker*, Joa top from Shopbop, Reiss trousers* and Chie Mihara boots*. Jewellery deets below…



I wore this Joubi Jewellery ear cuff throughout LFW but didn’t manage to get a decent picture!


Mixing up the hardware…!


See the letters & numbers inscription on this gorgeous ring by Comfort Station?


Rose gold Natalie Marie Jewellery necklace


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  1. You’re brave! The history of my hair is very boring. I started out with bunches, progressed to a ponytail, and now it’s a messy bun day in and day out!

    Good luck at the hairdressers.

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