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WellBeingThe nature of getting run down – I’d like to say I’ve been burning the candle at both ends, but it’s more one end really and that’s working too hard – is that in order to feel better, really better, you just need to stop and go nowhere. At least that’s how it is for me…

But at the same time you need a little helping hand too. One Sunday, at the tail end of a nasty cold, worn out from pushing myself too hard and with a stiff laptop neck, I decided to take the day off (thank you husband for taking the little one out!) and have a day of wellbeing inside and out without leaving the house. Enter the ‘to your door’ services!

I’m quite big on juicing (well, I have a juicer and go through phases!) so I was keen to try out one of these juice cleanses that everyone seems to be doing right now. Not to lose weight, but to clean out my system – my vice is sugar – and try and shake my cold. Plenish Cleanse delivers cold-pressed (gets the most nutrition out of the veg) juices in a box right to your door. You can choose to do as many days as you like, but I had six Level 2 juices for a day – there are three levels in case you’re wondering!

I had absolutely no problem with the alkaline green juices (mixes of spinach, cucumber, kale and the like) as these are pretty similar to what I make at home. Juice no. 2, a pineapple and aloe vera mix, was definitely quite tough. I had a hard time drinking it and nearly gave up. Needless to say, a couple of hours later I was feeling miraculously improved and practically cold free! Something definitely went on there… The rest of the juices I got through, enjoying my urge to knock back all their goodness.


Come the afternoon, I was ready for my home massage. Urban Massage – responsible for backstage massages at London Fashion Week this September – is a mobile massage service for London that offers appointments within 60 minutes. Quite impressive and you can choose your therapist. I love having massages at home – no outside world to kill your chill post treatment.

I made my booking through the new Urban Massage app which works very smoothly and had the lovely Eloise, who set up her table in our living room. With my fave scented candles permeating the room, I had a full body deep tissue which was divine and for the first time had a tangerine essential oil which was light and invigorating. By the end of it I was serene and relaxed. Really wish I’d taken a photo, as my face had practically transformed from tight and tired to soft and happy.

And now, full disclosure: juices drunk, massage had, I was so full of the joys and giddy with wellness, I went to join my family in the beer garden of our local pub and devoured a huge plate of fish & chips and a glass of red wine in the crisp evening air feeling better than I had done in days. So there you have it, a wellbeing & beauty boost in a day and to your door!

Get your juice cleanse from Plenish (from £80 a day) and book your massage with Urban Massage  (from £65 for 60 mins) – download the app here.


Both juice cleanse and massage were for review – big thanks to Plenish & Urban Massage for helping me kick my cold & burn-out and getting back on the wellbeing track!




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