Beauty Tip | Perricone MD


Ever since my mini Perricone MD massage facial (this was the plumped up result!) at the George Northwood salon a few weeks ago, I’ve been trying out a skincare regime from this parabens-free super-popular US brand…

And, in a nutshell, I haven’t felt so nourished and happy with my skin in a long time. It’s possibly down to the fact I’m using a combination of four products day and night, but let me tell you, ever-so-gently-scented, they smooth on and feel like they’re adding a layer of hydrating goodness that somehow bonds with your skin cells and keeps them that way for the rest of the day.

I often find skincare products hard to judge – I’m lucky in that my skin is generally quite good with just a touch of dryness around the chin – but the one thing I’m starting to get nervous about is fine lines around the eyes and the general overall look. Well, I’m finding the general overall look is much improved – more buoyant, plumper – and I am feeling a lot more reassured about the little lines around my eyes.


So there is hope, it seems (more extreme measures like Botox aside – would you, btw?), it just comes in a few pots of reassuringly expensive (£57 for the moisturiser which is always a range’s price benchmark, I think!) creams – I say that tongue in cheek, btw, traditionally being someone who has kept my skincare and make-up spending to a minimum, always on the hunt for nasties-free ranges that don’t cost the earth (in an ideal world I’d like to spend less than £20 on a decent moisturiser however, not sure that world exists anymore!). But as I age, I constantly argue with myself about whether skincare is something that should be prioritised spending wise – surely keeping the one face you have in good nick is worth it? Thoughts? Do you spend a lot on skincare?

Anyway, to round up, having tried these products out, I’m practically converted and just seeing exactly how long they’ll last to see if I can justify the spend to myself every several weeks to keep my skin looking and feeling so good.

So, morning and night I’ve been washing with the super gentle Nutritive Cleanser (not pictured but such a lovely bottle!) and then starting off with two small dots of the buttery Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream, following with a thin layer of the Hyalo Plasma – the idea is that you incorporate a treatment into your routine – then massaging in a few drops of the Chia Serum and applying last the Face Finishing Moisturiser. It sounds like quite a lot but doesn’t at all leave your face too slick, just succulent like a peach! Have you tried Perricone MD?


Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream | Hyalo Plasma | Chia Serum | Face Finishing Moisturiser


All products kindly sent for review