Camel In The City


So after an insane amount of Pinteresting fuelling an unacceptable amount of camel coat envy, I took the plunge and splurged, err, sensibly invested, a not-small amount of money on this rather fabulous number by Swedish designer House of Dagmar…

And after a hearty sausage & mash in Spitalfields, went for a photo walk and found the perfect scruffy pink wall to lean against. I am ridiculously cosy in this outfit as I’m wearing possibly the softest, most fluffy jumper ever – this one another Scandic brand, Mads Norgaard from Blue Marmalade (a recently launched gorgeous loungewear site for lovely things like pyjamas and homewear cosiness). This jumper is like wearing a rabbit. Sorry, that sounds wrong and weird, and angora is banned in this household, but you know what I mean.

I am also wearing what I now realise is a winter can’t-do-without, leather leggings. Damn, they keep you warm against the wind and cold. They’re just a bugger to find in the right size as everywhere that sells them for less than £800 (seems to be the going rate… mental) is sold out. I found these Liv Leather Leggings on Baujken for… well, see for yourself (I got a 15% discount for first time buying, which eased the pain a little). Still a small fortune, but cost-per-wear etc. etc. and given that these fit perfectly (soft and flexible and not at all tight around the waist) so I will never need another pair… Although on my researches I came across a piece by Camille Over The Rainbow detailing her 14-strong leather pants collection. Sorry, pants as in trousers. Annoying Americanism, but I do like the way it sounds. The internet also gets it too, which must make it ok! Even cheaper are this pair by & Other Stories, but only a couple of sizes left…

Back to the camel coat, obviously I went for a keep-forever piece here, but there are so many under £100 versions around at the moment too. This Topshop one (unfortunately, being so damn short, even the smallest size was just a little too big on me) and this Monki one on ASOS, lots of mannish oversized goodness there!


I am wearing House of Dagmar coat from Selfridges, Mads Norgaard jumper* via Blue Marmalade, Baukjen leather leggings, Nike Thea trainers, Ally Capellino bag (old) and rings by Stroem Design

MCLAUGHLIN_141107_0199sMCLAUGHLIN_141107_0235s MCLAUGHLIN_141107_0214s

Elizabeth Dunn camera strap on my Olympus Pen E-PL7

MCLAUGHLIN_141107_0231s MCLAUGHLIN_141107_0218sMCLAUGHLIN_141107_0172s

Ph. & editing by Jay McLaughlin

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  1. Hello,
    Love your website! I am looking for camera strap for epl7. Absolute love this caramel and black combo of yours. Went on the Elezabeth Dunn website, however couldn’t find the same one : (
    Any advise of where’ else I can get them from or similar style perhaps? ( I saw a few other brown straps from your website)
    Many thanks.

  2. This cemera strap is to die for!! Would love to have that on my epl7. Couldn’t find it on her website though… Do you know where else can I get it from? Or something similar?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi! Ah, this is one I actually made myself, choosing the colours etc with Elizabeth Dunn! So one of a kind! But check out – I have one of their skinny leather straps which I really love! x

      1. One of a kind! No wonder, it is such a statement!
        I will head over and order the one from sail handmade. A quick question though if you dont mind. I see the one you made with Elizabeth Dunn has the color combo of natural and black/navy. And the skinny strap is more of a caramel. I am torn between the natural and English tan. Do you find it hard to keep the natural one clean? X

        1. I went for the natural which I love! It actually darkens over use and time to a lovely colour… I can post a picture on my Instagram tomo if you like? @stylonylon xx

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