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Yoga has long been my thing; I’m not a jogger or a swimmer. I used to have gym memberships and go to classes but having such strong homebody tendencies, in the last few years I’ve actually preferred doing my routine at home. Here’s a little look at how I’m getting back into it…

Having taken more yoga classes than I can remember, I definitely feel confident that I have the basic moves down – and a week long trip to a yoga retreat in India a couple of years ago really consolidated this. Obviously four hours of yoga a day doesn’t work for real life, but to be honest, I have read over and over again that a 20-minute maintenance session really does have excellent benefits. And I always feel fantastic when I get into doing it everyday…

I stream videos (yoga & pilates) from Canadian site Gaia  where I pay a monthly subscription of about $7. Totally worth it for the huge choice of videos, instructors and lengths; I have a few favourites I keep going back to though. Usually a dynamic 20 minute session based around the sun salutation (see my gif below for a contracted version of this!).

Wellicious | Home Yoga | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

Wellicious 3/4 yoga pants*, Nicer tank top*, Breathe top*, ecoYoga mat* | Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength candle

The right kit is important too – and a big thank you to Wellicious for some lovely pieces to help me kick-start my routine again. I need a comfy pair of yoga trousers, decent tank top (a built-in bra like the Nicer one is ideal) and for warming up and cooling down an extra layer – the Breathe top is amazing, double layer body and single layer sleeves – and pair of socks come in handy too. I’m a huge fan of Wellicious, who I discovered through a fashion editor friend a couple of years ago – I immediately went and bought the 3/4 yoga pants I’m wearing in two colours and wore them incessantly. As well as yoga, they are perfect work-from-home trousers too.

I like to burn a scented candle – so many nice ones around right now, I’m using this Inner Strength one by Aromatherapy Associates at the moment – and a good yoga mat definitely adds to the experience. The ecoYoga mat is made of rubber and jute and gives great grip as a little ‘sticky’, plus is washable and biodegradable; a vast improvement on most mats which are plastic and made with PVC, polyvinyl chloride, an unpleasant and potentially harmful by-product of the oil industry.

Working from home, fitting in a 20-minute session should be totally doable, but you’d be surprised how off track you can get! I find it works best for me when I set a time the day before, usually mid-morning before I’m too hungry for lunch or at the end of my day before Gus gets home. Occasionally I try and do some yoga with him, but he finds it hilarious and just ends up clambering all over me!

How about you? Do you have a home routine for yoga or pilates?

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I stream yoga videos from Gaiam TV

HomeYogaSmallWellicious | Home Yoga | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

I always add on a little extra stretching at the end of a streamed session if I feel like I need a bit more!


Wellicious | Home Yoga | UK fashion blog | Stylonylon

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  1. Thank you so much for the Wellicious recommendation. I’ve been looking for an eco-friendly yoga mat, but didn’t really know where to start! I’m a relative beginner, but it makes me feel so fantastic I couldn’t imagine life without it now.