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I’m the first to admit I get slightly obsessive about things. People, things, places… Once I’ve found something I like, I repeat. Possibly why I’ve eaten porridge for breakfast every day since the age of 18. Anyway, a little run-through my current obsessions…


GREY JUMPERS have become a bit of a thing for me this winter. The big oversized kind worn over skinnies, or belted into boyfriends. (Although it’s all about skinnies for keeping warm when it’s cold out.) Team with denim blue or black and most definitely frayed, they’re the perfect wardrobe staple and need to exist in the multiples.

Mine by Hush, Ganni (similar) and Sessun


MYRIAD DELICATE GOLD RINGS (rose and yellow) have got me in their tender grip and now I have built up enough of a collection to be able to wear one on every finger. Not as easy as you would think, especially when ordering online. But they make me so happy… Never giving this one up.

Mine by Stroem Design, Gramery Eight, Rachel Entwistle, Antonio Bayona, Maya Magal and Maria Francesca Pepe.


TECH & ACCESSORIES Obviously I am obsessed with tech. (And above you see all you need to blog on the hop, believe it or not – via Olympus Share app and WordPress app.) But I love finding the right accessories. I’m hooked on my new iPhone 6 and finally found the perfect case; this one is super well thought out, I hated on previous cases how the volume button was hard to access, as I often use this to take photos and my thumb needs to be flat against it not to shake! My E-P5, as you probably know now, is my dream camera and I love how a beautifully simple nude leather strap can set it off so perfectly.

My iPhone 6 and Olympus Pen E-P5 accessorised with Native Union case and Sail Handmade skinny strap.


YOGHURT is one of those things that just makes me feel well when I eat it. I love piling up with berries and honey and having as a snack at any time of day. Plain, natural yoghurt with all its gut-giving goodness. I read somewhere a pot a day is what to aim for!

My yoghurt served in one of my favourite bowl by Pols Potten (another obsession!).

Been obsessing lately? Oh, and I forgot to mention the CACTI & SUCCULENTS, totally obsessed with their perfect mini-cuteness & desert vibes. Starting a small collection…

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  1. This is literally my list of ‘things I love right now’, I adore those rings especially!

    Hunter //

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