Opposite Day


This was an illicit shot taken on the rooftop of a certain members club a few weeks ago. I like how it so perfectly sums up rainy grey London. Atmospherically bleak like an Alasdair Grey novel… 

January seems to be eeking itself out. I’m still not quite 100%, hello batch of penicillin antibiotics as I try to get better for lots of fun work coming up. And yes, against all my protestations I will be working over LFW again, and secretly, I am looking forward to it! It’s a silly kind of buzz you get from being busy and rushing around and as much as I enjoy the slower days at home, I do like the complete opposite too! Opposite day? Try opposite life. Anyway, this was just a little hello, coming up next, a simple healthy recipe for you to try…

Boden coatReiss jumper,  LK Bennett boots (all in sale!)  ∴



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  1. Hello – sorry me again – I’m obsessed with your jeans! Which are these and what is the name of the Reiss jumper? Love my MIH jeans that I bought via your site xx am eyeing a pair of Hudson jeans you linked to also waiting for the sale!

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