To New Friends


Last week I popped over to Camden Lock to Ruby Dock Cafe (super cute, tucked away in the market) for a hot choc and catch-up with lovely art director Polly who is fast becoming a great new friend…

I’ve probably said it before and I’ll say it again. One of the best things about blogging for me has been meeting so many talented and creative people some of whom I now have blossoming friendships with. And what’s binding these friendships together is not only kindness, positivity and sensibility but shared interests. Only now, as I push myself towards more creative pursuits am I finding I am making connections with people based on mutual passions. Of course, that’s not a necessity for a friendship but it is a lovely framework for a relationship to develop in and strangely one that’s quite new to me.

At school and uni, I followed the more serious academic route of subjects like English and philosophy, never considering art or anything more creative. I ended up as a journalist but the more I develop my blog I see aspects of myself that would have better lent themselves to a more visually creative study and career throughout my twenties. This week I did something completely new; a styling and art directing job for a fashion brand which I loved every minute of (post on that coming soon!). It felt somehow right and exactly the kind of thing I could have seen myself doing in a slightly-shifted-to-the-left parallel life…


Similarly, the shoot location I used for the fashion brand came through a new blog friend, a handbag designer who has the most incredible eye for interiors – her Moroccan carpet I snapped on Insta has been getting hella lotta love! – and now that we’ve spent more time together and other halves have met we’re moving onto the going round for dinner stage. I laugh now when I think of all the naysayers griping that online connections never become real. They certainly do – here’s to new friendships and new endeavours!


House of Dagmar coat (in grey), Free People top*, MiH Phoebe jeans, New Balance 574 trainers, Artessorio bucket bag* via Boticca* and Estados belt ∴

Thanks to Polly for snapping these pics on my Pen; there were more but my eyes are still so puffy from being ill I can’t quite bring myself to show them – so it’s the eyes-to-the-ground cliche pose for this one!

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  1. You could never tell from those photos that you were under the weather – still looking lovely and stylish as ever.

    And I wholeheartedly agree about blogging being such a wonderful way to make and realise new friendships – I’ve done the same myself.

    1. Thanks Sue – I feel like it’s been weeks now! But def coming out the other end. Yes, blogging is proving such a lovely friendly community, so inspiring 🙂

  2. Hello, I love the blog. Sorry you are still feeling poorly I had such bad congestion I resembled a panda for 2 days! Nice to hear new opportunities are coming your way. All the best

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