Gone Robinson Crusoe

It’s finally happened. The seismic shift. The staple skinny which we’ve come to know and love is finally suffering from some stiff competition from the trousers of the wider-legged variety…

Very much as seen at the fashion weeks so far, not just on the street stylers, but on the catwalk too ranging from full-on 70s flares to a plain wide-leg and smaller, neater flares and bootcuts. I’ve already welcomed in the 70s flare, wide-leg, wide-legged flare and today a neat little petite flare from ASOS, which I hacked off the ends Robinson Crusoe style. I say that like the raggedness was intentional; although given that it’s the second time I’ve managed to create this effect must be something subconscious at work. Anyway, quite loving how they’ve turned out!

I’m also completely in love with this cable knit by Gant; not only did I see similar on the front rows but on the Unique catwalk too, so that plus its classicness I’m thoroughly convinced of its style kudos and longevity. Kept the outfit pretty simple apart from matching scarf with my new patent loafers which were a total win for today’s atrocious rain. Took these pics sheltering under a lintel in case you’re wondering!

Today consisted of a visit to the M. Hulot showroom (how cute is this little bound nude purse?) and then a meeting with the amazing Wool & The Gang (check their incredible scarf and scarf mittens collab for Christopher Raeburn) who gave me a little knitting project to get on with this weekend, about which I’m super excited. I used to knit a lot before baby and blog took over my life and very much looking forward to getting back into it! In fact, am going to be super good and knit my tension square tonight in preparation!

One thing that was interesting was while chatting with Ali from WATG, I mentioned how way back when I worked in an office, I’d gulp down a sandwich and then spend my lunch break knitting plugged into headphones – I loved it! Then she mentioned how lunch breaks don’t seem to be as much of a thing these days, which is something I must say I’ve witnessed on my few office days freelancing last year. So much so that, given how taboo a 1-hour lunchbreak has become, there’s a Reclaim Your Lunchbreak movement burgeoning over at Stylist magazine… Are you in?

 ∴Gant cable knit*∴

Reiss jacket (last season)∴

 ∴ASOS petite flares ∴

 ∴Dune loafers ∴

 ∴Hush scarf ∴

 ∴Loeffler Randall bag via Shopbop ∴

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    1. You do lose quite a lot of the flare though, so from angles they look more boot cut than flare x

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