LFW Micro + Maxi


Some might say it’s a little premature to start planning for London Fashion Week, but hear me out. Having signed up to work with Topshop for their Inside-Out blog once again, I am approaching things with military like precision and here’s why… 

Let me precursor with the fact that LFW is different for everyone. From the extreme fashion editors and journalists working themselves to the bone, shows all day, writing all night, forget about the parties – ladies and gents, I salute you! – to what I would call the more normal blogger experience of going to a few shows, having a few coffees and dropping in on a few blogger events. Of course there are a millions variants in between, which I probably can’t enlighten you on that much. But I can tell you about me.

Up until last season, LFW was a bit of relaxed affair for me – the above mentioned few shows, coffees and blogger events – and tbh, I was questioning really whether it was worth going at all – I don’t think show content on blogs is really that interesting – especially when you can see every look and show reports on style.com so soon after – and I’ve had this conversation with so many bloggers it must be true (it must be!). In fact, I know many bloggers who just shun fashion week altogether.

Last season, I tried something different. In my freelance capacity, I worked with the incredible Topshop editorial team for two weeks helping produce content for the blog and social media. Writing and photographing was a heady, whirlwind experience forcing me to work a lot faster than I am used to! Of course it was stressful but it was that intoxicating mix of pressure, fun and results. Hard to resist – which is why I’ll be back later this month doing more of the same.

Now back to the point of this piece. The reality of LFW working days means I’ll be on the hoof from 9am carrying pretty much all my tech with me – cameras, laptop, voice recorder and iPad. So, no room for peacocking of any description, unfortunately; we’re talking functional, super functional on the maxi scale.

Last autumn, I found the best solution was a brilliant leather backpack by Russell & Bromley (see above, it’s navy, which, you know, is cool but unfortunately seems to be sold out, but there’s a very similar Elizabeth & James one here), square and roomy enough at the top for laptop plus all my stuff without having to cram it all in. The only problem with having everything, including cashcard, coins, lip balm and phone, stored behind you is that easy retrieval it ain’t. And staying unruffled is all about being able to access what you need, when you need without too much faff – right?

Which is why I have made the addition of this dinky little DvF micro bag for all the immediate essentials I may need while snapping streetstyle, peeps and shows. Can’t wait to show you it cross-bodied on. Now I just need to sort five LFW-worthy outfits but with flats for getting about the place to go with, arghhhh…


My micro & maxi bag mini edit