Ready, Set, Go, LFW!

IMG_6876 2Yep, nails done, show work schedule printed out (with a 9am Somerset House start – eek!) invites in, phone battery pack bought, mega memory card, back-up cards and new umbrella… All sorted!

But how ready can you be for being out on the hoof reporting and story gathering. You just have to immerse yourself, keep your eye and hand steady and go for the best shots, quotes and moments you can. I’ll be gathering trends, stories and photos for Topshop, shooting a photo project for Olympus and vlogging for Grazia and The Debrief. Yikes…!

All while trying to keep an air of togetherness about myself with heavy reliance on my outfits to detract from the crazy eyes! I’ve got outfits for days 1, 2 & 3 more or less sorted, after that… just a blank! But let’s just say tomorrow’s outfit is a mix of some staple faves – camel, tan leather (see booties above!) and double denim with a couple of flouncy touches. Can’t wait to hear what you think!

On the tech front, you may spy two phone cases, the pink one really is quite clever – a Smootch case, it lets you stick it to a mirror to take that all-important selfie, seriously this is quite impressive. And the black case is actually a battery pack that you stick your phone in for a whole extra charge; that I will be needing. I’m also loving my new iPad case (Iwas having a nightmare with my old one, which had elastic bands that covered key touch points on the screen) which grips from the back allowing free use of screen, all buttons and camera. Plus, a very satisfyingly design propping up system with white outer and orange inner. Double plus some energy-giving coconut water and oil for emergency dry skin…

Nuuna YES notebook*, Olympus Pen E-PL7 in white & black/silver, Air & Grace boots*, iPhone 6 battery charger, Tactus Smootch iPhone 6 case*, Tactus Buckuva iPad mini case*,  Vita Coconut oil & water*

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  1. I love how you pack just the essentials yet are still able to take amazing photos.

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