Never Not-Neutral


Simplifying life with a wardrobe full of quality neutrals is really the way forward. Scandi-chic, French minimalism, call it what you will, it works. Nothing feels better than a good knit over well-cut jeans, camel classic and tan bag over your shoulders… 

And then you can play with the little details. Tuck in and show some top button hardware, a peek of woolly sleeve beneath coat cuffs or match up your accessories. I went on a bit of tonal journey with watch, bag and coat for this outfit, anchored by black denim and a grey knit that’s already earned itself a forever place in my wardrobe. This AW14 piece is by Scottish knitwear brand Peter Scott, who I’ve featured before and love the old-school heritage roots; the Scottish Borders brand and factory was founded in 1878 by entrepreneur and innovator Peter Scott – this is the man responsible for creating and patenting ‘unshrinkable’ knitwear.

Ever since my recent wardrobe clear out, I’ve been finding I’m stepping that little bit closer towards quickly throwing together outfits that don’t require any reappraisal. Although one minor change; I stacked my jeans by type – skinny, boyfriend and flares – but am finding this is not working that well, so have decided to re-organise by colour as that is often the building block for an outfit for me.

Never not-neutral, although a bit of a clumsy title is quite a good basic mantra to live by I’ve decided (and any Arrested Development fans may get the Tobias Fünke ‘never-nude’ reference there! Hehe, total AD geek here am afraid!). But with a strong neutral palette, you can then choose the odd colourful or flamboyant peacock piece to have fun with. But ultimately those are not the pieces that are going to service you well every day.

It’s funny, because that used to constitute shopping for me; dazzled impulse buys of over-the-top pieces that were ultimately ill-suited for regular wear. And now, I fall over myself for the perfect loose summer tee, classic knit or great denim. And the fun is in the search for these pieces that you’ll love and hang onto for many a year. Shop well, ladies!

PeterScott1 PeterScott2 PeterScott3 PeterScott5 IMG_8383.JPG PeterScott7IMG_8386.JPG


Peter Scott jumper* (available soon!)

Dagmar coat (last season)

ASOS girlfriend jeans* (I’m wearing petite)

Adidas Stan Smiths*

Timex watch* (men’s style)

Mansur Gavriel bag (eBay find!)

Renne Jewellery silver rings*


Created in collaboration with Peter Scott. All opinions, styling and direction my own. 

Ph. by Erica Davies 

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    1. And the more you do it the better it seems to get! Love seeing my wardrobe change for the better! 🙂

    1. Yes, I’ve had my fair share of crazy stuff which I now cringe about, haha! Glad to be growing out of it! xx

  1. Just like you, the pleasure I get from dressing in neutral understated colors (and denim of course), makes getting dressed so easy. And as you say a fashion color here and there is all that’s needed…. Simple! xx
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