Time is of the Essence


I won’t lie, I’m really feeling the burn these days. A busy blog and family life eats up all your time. All of it. Free time, down time, what time? That just doesn’t exist anymore, I’m using up every minute and frantically searching for more… 

Which isn’t the healthiest way to go about things. And although I mostly keep a handle on it, you realise when you’re trying to put the cereal into the fridge or stuff a plate into a washing machine full of laundry that maybe you’re pushing just a little too hard. So, I keep telling myself, slow down, there’s all the time in the world to live, love and work. You just can’t do it all at breakneck speed. Right? Right.

Re-introducing watches into my life after roughly a decade’s absence (yes, I was one of those people who gave up the timepiece the day I got my first mobile) has been a slow-paced pleasure. And I’m taking my time finding the ones I like and letting their usefulness earn their place in my life again. For watch No. 2, I’ve totally fallen head over’ for the red & white strap and detailed facework of the super light and comfy women’s Weekender by Timex. Fyi, it glows in the dark – love this! – has a satisfyingly audible tick and although I loved oversized, the men’s style was too big on me.

Imagine, being able to tell the time without having your phone out on the table. It’s like taking a long slow breath. Let’s be honest, keeping your phone within viewing distance presents all sorts of temptations (yes, if you must ask, I turned off my Insta notifications; missed the insta-hits flashing up at first, but, y’know, I’ve adjusted). Putting it away is a pleasing statement of disconnect, and you have all of my attention and I don’t need to pull out my phone to know it.

And actually it can be insanely more convenient to have time strapped to your wrist instead of in hand or bag. And life with a toddler proves just that. One hand on the buggy, one holding a hand/dinosaur/beaker/oatcake leaves no phone-hand, but hey, guess what, a flick of the wrist and you know exactly whether you’re early/late (delete as appropriate) as ever and you’re on top because hey, and props to Derek Zoolander for inspiring this thought-piece: knowledge is the essence of happiness, and happiness is the essence of time… I’d just like a little more of it, please.



Timex Weekender watch

Miss Selfridge biker*

Boden knit

MiH boyfriends*

Mansur Gavriel bag (eBay find! New stock landed yesterday & already sold out!!)

Renne Jewellery silver rings*

Stroem Design rose gold stamped ring* (available April)

Stan Smiths from Soletrader*


Created in collaboration with Timex. All opinions, styling and direction my own.

Ph. by Clare Walsh

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