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OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASummer is making itself known, albeit with a few freak stormy days thrown in, but still I’m feeling the good vibes and full of fresh energy for the months ahead. And here’s what’s been helping… 

Stationery nerds take note of these gorgeous Claire Guadion notebooks. They actually came via a new gift-giving service I recently had the chance to try out, It’s a lovely idea, you choose your spend and then select up to 12 possible presents you think your giftee might like. They then receive (digitally or by snail mail) a lovely little square booklet detailing the choices and make their decision.

The girls at wishwant made a lovely selection for me, including pieces by some of my favourite brands including Nathalie Bond Organics and jewellery designer Wolf & Moon; uncannily to my taste, I think I’d like to meet these ladies! The brands they’ve chosen to get on board are extremely high quality and beautiful. I chose the notebooks, because I’m obsessed… to remain unused no doubt, just part of my growing collection!

Last weekend was the start of birthday season in this family, one or two a month til the autumn! On an emergency bookshop trip to buy some presents, I bought for myself the first print copy of a novel for ages, William Gibson’s The Peripheral. Hilariously not ‘on blog brand’ that I’m a total sci-fi geek I know, but there you have it! Gibson’s Neuromancer blew my mind when I first read it and kick-started a very intense couple of years reading deeply in the world of science-fiction.

Naturally, being such a tech fiend, I have utterly embraced Kindle on various devices, but thought it’d be nice to have a real, paper book to hand. I will admit my per dium screen-time is scarily high and I should def spending more time resting my eyes from the glow. First I just need to finish The Book of Strange New Things which I’m easing myself into. Very friendly read for those of you who are scared off by the idea of sci-fi. Michael Faber is not a science fiction writer by genre, he authored two of my all-time favourites, Under The Skin (hated the movie, btw, read the book!) and The Crimson Petal & The White which is a work of genius.

Chain bracelet from Suite Hazen
Chain bracelet from Suite Hazen

The jewellery. Well, you know about my ring obsession and any chance to add to my collection I jump at. Last week, I bought this flat top rose gold piece from my favourite Swedish gal Stroem Design’s new collection and silver and gold horn rings from the just-launched blogger collab Lucy Williams x Missoma‘s beach inspired collection which is such a triumph.

Cool, wearable pieces which Lucy designed by drawing herself inspired by her love of the beach and wanderlust – including a pendant modelled on a shark’s tooth and crescent shaped horns for rings and necklaces. And they don’t cost the earth. Very impressed! I look forward to seeing more blogger/brand collabs like these. I also want to tip my hat to the one chain bracelet I have, which really is super pretty to wear on bare arms. This one by Alpha Beta from the beautifully curated Suite Hazen.

“… I also want to tip my hat to the one chain bracelet I have, which really is super pretty to wear on bare arms.”

Warmer temps require airy, breezy cloths for the bod. This week I received some amazing pieces from the brilliant loungewear brand Blue Marmalade London which has taken the plunge and concetrating on its own line now. Which. Is. Amazing. I can’t wait to show you more, as I have a few pieces to try out. Featured here are the easy running shorts (perfect for bed and lazy sunny Sundays), but I also have these easy plain pants and v neck jumper to show you.

Well-made, cleverly designed for actual wear; for example the jumper is longer at the back and shorter at the front which is great for wearing with skinnies (streamlines the bum!) or looser trousers at it shows off the waist. Also a complete dream is this organic linen sleeveless tee with asymmetric hem from Eileen Fisher which was perfect for our trip to the beach yesterday. Trust me, it looks perfect with everything.

And finally, for the dreamy sun-kissed skin and salty hair you get from glorious beachtime, why not add a little helping hand? My go-tos are the only natural and organic fake tan I know, Santa Monica’s Chocolate Sun Lite from A Beautiful World (it smells like chocolate and gently subtle) and New York’s Love + Salt which I spray on moist hair to give a bit of matte texture – this stuff smells like holidays with its coconut oil and pink Himalayan salts. (Sorry, just seen it’s out of stock! Will find out when it’s due back in if you’re interested!)

Best organic fake tan!
Best organic fake tan!


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