Holiday Packing

It’s started. All around us, it’s in the air. Holiday season. People already hitting the beaches in Ibiza for opening season, people planning their summer jaunts and everybody but everybody will be packing…

How do you do it? Meticulous planner or throw things in at that last minute? No surprises for guessing I’m a bit of the former. More so, since Gus came along as I’m now usually packing for two. Having been a committed hand luggage only type, I have now got into the habit of over-packing for both of us. Although usually this suitcase does for the both of us – one side for me, one for Gus –but what you see before you is the utmost indulgence, a medium sized suitcase for check-in packed just for me, for tomorrow’s trip to Daios Cove, Crete with Olympus and Topshop – excitement overload! 

So ready to hear the deets? I’m guessing, now’s the time to skip out if the contents of my suitcase doesn’t massively light your fire, sorry if that’s so. But I must admit I always like to see what’s inside other’s people luggage! Never gets old for some reason…

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16


2 x denim shorts (bleaced & ripped & plain blue)
1 x floaty shorts
4 x vest tops
2 x stripy tops (orange – in sale – & blue)
1 x cotton top
1 x beach shirt (only 1 left!)
1 x maxi print 

Denim shorts are a no-brainer, but my new approach is to size up. Looks cooler, more relaxed and generally more comfortable. Good plain blue denim by Danish brand Samsoe & Samsoe and bleach, ripped perfection from Topshop. I bulk bought some H&M racer back vests (black, white, khaki & stripe) and then went for to slightly more tailored pieces, including a lovely Breton tee, also by Samsoe & Samsoe. A big ol’ beach shirt cover up by Topshop that is super comfy and easy to slip on and a slightly more formal looking Boden kaftan, might be more of night thing, is perfect daywear. Also, nice to pair with shorts is this lovely broderie anglaise cotton cape top by Boden.



1x swimsuit (only 5 left!)
2 x bikini (white, in black & striped)
1x sarong 

Ok, so I’m mainly a bikini girl, just for the practically of tanning really, but I thought I’d try something different. Completely loved this Topshop swimsuit – so 70s in cut and braid detailing! Then a striped bikini is always an essential (after a black bikini of course!) and the triangle shape is one I often wear as it works well on my boobs – this Samsoe one is half sold out am afraid!

The Biondi Couture white bandeau bikini (in black here) is, although expensive, seriously the best make of bikini I’ve ever tried. It holds, it lifts, it just makes you look good! I met with Biondi founder Claudine and her designer who explained to me the cut they use for all their bikini bottoms is the result of a lot of work testing out which cut is the most flattering on every bottom shape. And they’ve nailed it. The only time I’ve felt my bum looked good enough to pop on the blog was in one of their bikinis… (last year in Paros.) And the silk sarong with a rope waist tie by Weng Komole is new in, but I’m looking forward to trying out!

I'm a roller...
I’m a roller…


3 x off-the-shoulder tops (crinkled white – only 3 left in crinkled black! – & H&M)
1 x wide-legged print trousers
1 x loungewear pants
1 x long chambray dress
1 x black dress (just restocked)

I’m totally obsessed with off the shoulder tops at the moment, and was thrilled to see I’d managed to inadvertently nab the H&M one everyone’s clamouring about right now in a bit of late-night online random shopping – they’re sold out in 6-8, but have the other sizes. (I wore it last night to a lovely blogger dinner and discovered the very sweet We Are Twinset had just blogged it). Then, as I always go overboard with my obsessions, I went for this Topshop one in both black & white!

It’s just the ultimate easy glam-up for evening wear I think, looking just as good with shorts or trousers. I’ll be wearing off the shoulder with these wide-legged print pants (I think this exact print is sold out now) from H&M – haven’t worn something like this in years! – and these incredible Blue Marmalade sand-washed silk pyjama style pants. Dress wise, I’m bringing a beautiful long organic cotton dress from Eileen Fisher and a midi-length black cotton dress with crochet detailing from Hush.


The Shoes

1 x Arizona birkis
1 x avarca sandal (tan sold out, but lots of other colours including rose gold which I also have)
1 x espadrilles (only 3 left!)

Still a Birki fan, always! And I use these instead of flipflops on the beach as well as general daywear. For travelling and evening dos, I went for this cool pair of white espadrilles from Topshop, which, with a higher cut in the foot look really boyish, which I love. And I adore these handmade Menorcan avarca sandals by Palmaira Sandals – just realised that the snippet off the toe at the front is to let the sand out, haha!


The Tech

1 x camera
1 x e reader
1 x travel tripod 

I never travel without my trusty Olympus Pen, this one is the Pen E-PL7 which is super dinky and so light! This trip I’ve decided to take a travel tripod (Slik Sprint Mini 11)  for the first time so I have the freedom to shoot my own outfit posts on the beach and so on – I went for the lightest, most compact one I could find! I’ve also just updated my Kindle to the new Paperwhite one, backlit so you can read at night, and so much better with the touchscreen – what the Kindle should always have been like!

Sarong with a rope waist tie…

Oh, and my sunnies are last season Kirks Originals! Anyway, that’s about it! Going through this, I realise I’ve left out a couple of things – an amaze H&M Conscious kaftan I have and a beautiful boho Nina Kaufmann dress. And also I’ll have my hand luggage bag. Apart from my main bag, I’m bringing a little straw beachbag and a super cute clutch by Jaunt for my purse, Kindle and phone. I think that’s it! Also, I realise that rolling has become my favourite way to pack – it’s a great way to see what you have, makes everything a little less crinkled and efficient space-wise. What do you do?

Footnote: Quite a few of the pieces I’ve featured are sold out or selling out quick, which confirms something Alex and I were discussing last night, that summer season is also shopping season! For a few reason, people are feeling happier and healthier, enjoying the outdoors, getting a tan and also summer pieces aren’t as expensive as winter pieces. Thoughts?

Love these Scandi stripes

Clutch by Jaunt

Shop the Look

The swimsuit

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The cut-offs

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The sandals

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  1. Ah Julia! I’ve got suitcase envy, if that’s even a thing!

    Absolutely taking my packing inspiration from you! xx

  2. You are a great with packing! I’m terrible and therefore I hate it…
    I love swimsuits so I’m very happy that they’ve become trendy these last years… Now nobody says I look like a grandma if I wear a onepiece!!!
    Have a great time in Crete!!!
    The slow pace recently posted…Reiss SS2015My Profile

    1. Yes exactly! Really enjoyed wearing the one piece :)) xx

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