Spotlight | Soak & Sleep 

Stylonylon_Soak_SleepSoak & Sleep is a brand that’s been on my radar for quite a few months now. Ever since they got first in touch about their quite lush sheet and duvet sets (I have this set in white) – great quality for pretty reasonable prices …

And they have the cutest little chambray pyjama set* (down to £24 in the sale!). Quite a revelation to someone who mainly sleeps in falling apart old t-shirts. A lot of pyjama sets I find too twee, but these chambray shorts and matching vest felt just right to me and the kind of thing you could spend a whole weekend lounging in while retaining an element of decorum. I took them to Greece last week and the light cotton was perfect for warm, balmy nights. Which is a bit how London is feeling right now – phew!

We’re moving house (fingers crossed, waiting for the moving date!) this summer and one of the upgrades I’ve promised myself is a whole new bed set-up – including something quite extravagant on the frame front – hello Anthropologie and your four poster fantasies! – fantastic new mattress to fit the whole family (I’ve been checking out a super kingsize at the Danish designed Dream Zebra), stonewashed linen in greys and whites – so expensive but beyond gorgeous! And new duvets and pillows; Soak and Sleep again seem to offer excellent quality for brilliant value, so I think this is where I’ll be going for that, plus they have a huge summer sale on right now, with 50% off on this double duvet

And finally, check out their eyemasks! I use mine to fight off those early morning rays peeking through the curtains… Soft as you could ask for, but only six quid!