Flared Turn-Me-Ups

So while I wait to see if this week’s Sunday Edit and Shopping Stories can be retrieved from digital oblivion (apologies for the unannounced downtime on Monday btw, maintenance stuff!) here is yesterday’s outfit… 

I embarked on the incredible journey across town, breaking the east/west divide (by way of the Central line and a chance encounter with a wonderfully chatty model and fashion journalist, great suede shoes!) and met the super lovely Lindsey from Ropes of Holland for a cuppa before we headed to the MiH Jeans press day. Dream collection of course, plus they’ve rebranded with a cooler, more minimal logo. Exciting times ahead for this growing stellar brand, so keep an eye on them!

I was super happy to have found this gorgeous Boden coat in an wayward packing box; it had made its way to the sitting room among all the book and vinyl boxes and I’d convinced myself I’d would never see the furry loveliness of this coat again with its cool shape and washed out camel tone right up my street. 

The jeans weren’t far off a new pair I spied at MiH, vintage cut with straight wide flare, however, these are Topshop and I love how rolling them up looks. Kind of a bit utilitarian/artist at work? A hopeful perhaps perhap? Anyway, that’s my styling tip for fall (sorry, fall just rolls off the tongue so much better, right? And I’m to be forgiven as I’m prepping for my very first trip to New York next month – so excitement levels are pretty high!). But the tip; rolling up wide flared jeans gives you a bit of a different look – for as long as you can bear to bare ankles (I think I got my bears right there!) although I’m already feeling a bit shaky with today’s lower temp, brrr. 

So, more bearing with me as I try and catch up with this week’s blog epic fail (will probably end up having to re-write from scratch, bleurgh!) and a trip to Provence this Friday, so keep an eye out for the travelling fun on Insta! Btw do take a peek at my new Shop The Look page, which is where you’ll find my favourite Insta looks and links to what I’m wearing. You like? 


Coat | Boden

Jumper | Genevieve Sweeney

Jeans | Topshop

Shoes | Grenson

Rings | Jessie Harris and #comingsoon Stylonylon x KG

Bag | A.P.C. (can’t find this online anymore, but I bought from here)

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