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One of the best things about having a decent, proper wardrobe with space for hanging all you want to hang, is actually seeing what you’ve got. And yesterday, instead of doing my usual and reach for the nearest pair of jeans, I flicked through my non-denim trousers and found these wide-legged corduroy trews in grey from last year…

I’d worn them once, criminal! They sit low on the hips and flare out over shoes, basically a style I wore quite a lot in my late teens as it seems to balance out my shape quite well. Plus, they’re ideal too for keeping ankles well-covered as it gets colder (apologies, whether I’m actually capable of getting through a blog post these days without mentioning the weather seems pretty unrealistic, doesn’t it. I’m boring myself too, trust me.) Anyway, easy-osy Sunday outfit with light knit, Stans and biker.

And then the shades! Gah, I love them. It’s not often you find a pair that properly fit your face but these really do, and it makes all the difference. I have one pair of shades I wear at the moment and do not veer from them. But I think things are about to change. And this Taylor Morris pair are mirrored, which is just the ultimate short-cut to stop, look and listen, I’m too cool, and probably working on some stressful detective work you know nothing about. Oh, just me then? Ok, so they just infuse with a silly squeal because they’re fun and they’re fashion and they are a big plus to any outfit.

And now, truly my guilty pleasure. Regular readers will know my obsession with A.P.C., and my growing collection of bags, which at around £300 a pop, you know, in the world of bags, is totally reasonable! So the gorgeous 70s-style Blanche is my latest addition (the kind people at Monnier Freres took pity on me and sent me a voucher, so big thanks due there!) and I love, love, love it! Digging a bit deeper, their beautiful elegance aside, the reason I keep going for these little shoulder bags is that they all fit my purse, phone and camera, which isn’t always a given with these kind of bags. But the A.P.C. ones are just that little roomier I think!

So hour changed, and now it’s five o’clock as I write this and it’s already dark, thus starts the next six months, otherwise known as winter. Kind of ugh. I’m thinking books and box sets. I’m ploughing my way through some brilliant YA at the moment – The Girl With All The Gifts, Station Eleven, The Fifth Wave; all dystopian/apocalyptic stuff but with such strong stories I’d recommend even if that’s not your usual reading matter. And, super late to it, but we’ve just started watching the first series of brilliant French drama The Returned on Netflix. You?


Trousers | Boden (old)

Sunglasses* | Taylor Morris at Beach Cafe

Jacket | Urban Outfitters (back in stock!)

Trainers | Urban Outfitters (back in stock!)

Jumper | Gant (old, similar)

Bag* | Monnier Freres

Hoops* | Dinny Hall

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  1. Love this, such a great outfit. Is your jacket a size s, do they come up quite big? Thank you! Maria

    1. Yes, it is quite oversized! I just got a size S which is my normal size. Think an M would have been too big, but this is brilliant for fitting jumpers under!

    1. Hi – this was shot with Olympus Pen E-PL7. Hang on til next week, I’ll have an exclusive discount code to offer! 🙂

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