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Forgive me for being a bit zonked out as I write this. It was a late-night return from Provence last night and I’m a bit short on sleep! Plus, this was one of my lost posts from last week…

But all good! I wanted to get your thoughts on these boots of the moment, the 70s style block heels. Great addition to autumn-come-winter regular look for going out at night, right? Of course, it’s the snakeskin which versions of seem to featured on repeat in fashion editorial at the moment. The one shown is part of the autumn Mango collection, which, with its heady combo of the biggest model gals on the planet, Kate and Cara, is pretty hard to ignore right now… And some of the pieces are pretty amaze – so Penelope Ann Miller in Carlito’s Way, obsessed over her wardrobe for ages after that film came out – like this shearling, and this long coat. So good.

Now, statement jumper alert, from my new favourite online store Plumo, by Danish brand Samsoe. Just have the feeling that this Ranveig sweater would make everything right in my world. So writer squirrelled away in a cabin in beautiful isolation! Love, love, love!

Check out the Atterley culottes on the product page, because it gives you a better indication of how wide, pleated and well-tailored they actually are. There was a fab sale situation going on last week, which I wanted to tell you about as there was an extra discount, but then my post was lost to digital oblivion and that moment passed. However, the sale is still on, with some good reductions including these super wide denim trousers which, at £16, are currently in my basket.  Anyway, if it’s useful, I will try and always mention something good…

Like this awesome little Meli Melo saddle bag. Extreme cuteness and so of the moment, and you can get your initials stamped for free when you purchase, which, you know, is such a thing these days; like Kara-Cate (did I get that right, may have just made that up!) it’s hard to ignore. But then you have to really like your initials and I don’t like mine that much, I’d rather have my special numbers instead – (any combo of 4s and 7s in case you’re wondering!).


A Mini Edit: Uncivilised

You will have read about new east London denim and jersey basics brand Uncivilised on here before (studio visit here) and am stoked, because everything, in all its crazy-good styling goodness, is now available online to buy. Here’s my fave pieces and you’re gonna love the prices.

Cardi | Skinny jeans | Denim shirt | Silk jumpsuit


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  1. Always love your shopping stories! I’ve got my eye on the Mango boots and that gorgeous jumper. Thanks so much for featuring your favourite pieces from the collection ?

    1. Ah, that’s great to hear! 🙂 Yes, the boots & jumper are really fab! xx

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