Shopping Stories (vi)


This Shopping Stories is all about denim, and the shapes that are taking hold this autumn. I think we can almost pronounce the skinny on ice (and boyfriend in storage!). Much more interesting right now is the straight leg, the cropped kick-flare and the vintage Levis…

Quite by accident I fell upon the most perfect straight leg at Topshop, (kind of as afterthought while buying this amazing check numberwore it yesterday for some pumpkin fun at Camden Market). The leg-length is a 30,  so I whooped in joy as the fit is perfectly straight, no stretch, great waist and groin action with a button-up fly and yes, they are the right length, so for once no scissors. So immediately ordered in the grey too.

My next foray for the perfect straight leg has been of the slightly more expensive “investment” kind. Acne’s ‘Row’ jeans are a slightly looser fit than the Topshop ones, but still create a great, classic silhouette and again, great on the waist and bum. Not in a super sexy way, just in a satisfying, classic throwback to the 90s kind of way. Supermodel nostalgia is behind our current denim wants right now, let me assure you. And these I only have to do a couple of inches single fold up and they look perfect.

Our denim nostalgia trip is equally well-serviced by vintage Levi’s 501s and 505s. They’re all over Instagram and the blogs right now, and I’ve seen some 1960s ones on bloggers looking just incredible. You can find some seriously priced ones at places like Selfridges, or cheaper at Beyond Retro, but as the sizing is different (vintage styles tend to come up much smaller) I’d say your best bet would be to go to a good local vintage store and get trying on. I’m hoping to score the perfect pair on my trip to New York this week, eek! (Plus this bag, hopefully a bit cheaper in Bloomingdales, fingers crossed.)

The other shape which I mentioned earlier this week, the one that is going to be everywhere, is the cropped kick flare. These ones are perfect, again from Topshop (in blue and black – I bought a pair optimistically too small though, so hello trip to the post office, bah). There’s also some longer kick flares at ASOS, but I haven’t tried these. And then for more luxe is the Lou available soon at MiH.

I’m loving this evolution in denim, I thought for a while the skinny and the boyfriend were it! But now that the flare has taken hold and we’re experimenting with its shapes and lengths, things are getting a little more interesting. Enjoy and let me know what’s working for you.

From left to right…

Topshop straight / Acne Row / Topshop cropped kick flare / vintage Levi’s 1967 505s and here,  & 501s