Sunday Lunchin’

Stylonylon_GantRugger_04Yesterday was a good day. We did that thing and finally got round to having a proper Sunday lunch in our new place with friends. Good friends. The ones your don’t see enough of but who you quickly remember make you guffaw with laughter but then ask you the questions that really matter… 

From love and life to work and, er,  fashion, natch! “And this outfit!” Annabelle gestured appreciatively when I swung by to pick her up from the gym session and ferry her back to ours. “All Gant,” I replied. And the way I’d like to dress more like, all the time! Inspired by the laid back wine region of Sonoma in Northern California, the Gant Rugger AW15 collection is pretty much one brilliant classic piece after another. The lookbook is styled just how you’d want to wear it.

For my two-part project (same time next week for the second look!) showcasing the pieces, I went with strong navy and cream, the contrasting shades in the collection to the overall brown, umbra and siennas of the AW15 palette (they also have the most perfect 70s-nodding belted suede coat). The rib knit is super soft and clings just right; I don’t know why I don’t have these kind of pieces in my wardrobe, there’s something really elegant about them. And the tailored navy coat edging into peacoat (although they have a true pea here) is a dream. It just feels cool – made super cool by style icons before us – think Marlon Brando, Robert Redford and Jane Birkin owning this coat, collar turned up, shoulders hunched. This is definitely a keeper, one of those wardrobe classics you might always regret should you never bite the bullet.

The trousers are light and loose. I had to roll up – shortie alert, you might want to get these tailored – but you still get the relaxed silhouette of them. Easy going, outdoorsy clothes that give you a bit of an edge. And a good alternative to jeans or any trousers that might be a bit strict on the waist. Easygoing waistbands are just what you want for a long day of eating the foods – thank you husband for such a delicious take on beef bourguignon and making all the roast potatoes! And then all the chocolates…

Stylonylon_GantRugger Stylonylon_GantRugger_02Stylonylon_GantRugger_01 Stylonylon_GantRugger_03
Stylonylon_GantRugger_07 Stylonylon_GantRugger_08 Stylonylon_GantRugger_09 Stylonylon_GantRugger_10

Stylonylon_GantRugger_11Coat | Gant Rugger

Trousers | Gant Rugger (restocking soon)

Top | Gant Rugger 

Bag* | A.P.C. via Monnier Freres 

Shoes | Grenson

Photography by Kit


This post created in collaboration with the lovely team at Gant Rugger

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