Not a Little Black Dress

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAlthough I managed to miss two parties last week (read migraine, babysitter epic fail, work overload) I still do have some festive outings planned and I’ve been giving it some thought. This last year I’ve more or less eradicated skirts and dresses from my wardrobe and gone full trouser on smart occasions… 

My last fancy do, I did good with an incredible pair of sateen flares from The Finery (current version in olive) and was pretty satisfied with that. But then Jigsaw got in touch asking me to style up something Christmassy for them. Obviously they have some extremely elegant little black dresses but then I spied their very smart tux. Never having been brave enough to try this look before I thought – given I breathe a little silent sigh of appreciation every time I’ve seen some hot Hollywood bod work it on the red carpet – I’d give it a go.

Don’t get me wrong, I was kinda nervous about whether I could pull it off. And I already knew the trews would be too long, which with this kind of trouser can only be dealt with by a tailor. So I did it, I got them put up, £9.50 very well spent – they even kept the slit detailing! But then when I put a black slip on and buttoned up the jacket, my husband asked me if had got an office job – mega grumble. So quick rethink on what to wear with it… And no, before you ask. I can’t pull off the nothing beneath the jacket look, it just doesn’t work on me.

So, I did a little colour dance in my head and pulled out a mustard summer top to match the brown belt to match the tortoiseshell coloured block heels. And once assembled and waistband repositioned and jacket thrown over shoulders, it all came together. Plus a pretty little Anne Fontaine black bag sitting in the tux colour fence to get the balance just right. So there you go, for when you don’t want to wear a little black dress, wear a tux. It’s a good ‘un. It feels right.



Tux jacket* | Jigsaw

Tux trousers* | Jigsaw

Shoes | Topshop

Top | Zara (old)

Bag* | Anne Fontaine (this is next season’s new Lea)

Earrings* | Harry Rocks & Dinny Hall

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