Shopping Stories (vii)


Truth is, I haven’t a penny to spend at the moment, so I’ve been stubbornly ignoring the sales. But the perils of catching up on an issue of Vogue and trawling Instagram translates into my little shopping candle burning bright and furiously. Here’s what I’m lusting over right now…

This Jakke faux fur patchwork cape has been on my mind since LFW, but feckless as I am, I forgot all about it. And then it popped up a couple of times on Instagram and the flame reignited. So wonderfully party, bohemian infused, glass of champers in hand, let’s rock out to all the good songs – it’s definitely talking to the more flamboyant side of me. It’s one size only, so I reckon kinda engulfing, but that’s what I’m after these days in a coat. At £100, this is the most doable on this fantasy shopping list. So watch this space.

As I’m going anti-clockwise (opposite day much? Definitely yes, as I’m still in my PJs and it’s the middle of the day), check out the sleek bucket bag. The shape of which continues to be in favour which pleases me no end, being fully committed whether it’s in or out. But it does feel good when it’s in. Love this more triangular shape by Philip Lim, extremely classy I’d say. Although pricewise, at over £800, a definite ouch, and not something I’d consider lightly. Truth is, though, I’ve never spent that much on a bag. A laptop yes, but a bag? Let’s see, shall we.

Now, it won’t have passed you by that the cropped kick flare is the new big thing, yadda, yadda, yadda. I think we’re not really wearing them here yet because they entail a little bare skin which, despite the freakishly warm winter clime, most of us are still (sensibly, and because we like seasonal routine) dressing as if it’s winter. Because, hey, it is. I have a couple of pairs by Topshop, of the stretchy variety, but what I really want are a pair of great waisted non-stretch ones. Which of course I will snip & tear of an inch or two myself. (Btw, you know the new ‘mullet’ hem for jeans – ripped hem longer at then back and the front – well, I reckon this is one of those totally unintentional, misunderstood trends. Hear me out. Basically, you pretty much always end up with a (albeit mismatched) mullet on you ripped jeans, if you actually rip the denim, as I do. Because you never manage to get it perfectly straight. As the owner of quite a few pairs now of this asymmetrical ‘mullet’ look, I think I speak with authority. Just don’t tell anyone it wasn’t intentional! 😉 ) Anyway, the pair I really, really want right now are by Mother, The Insider Crop, which I can only find on Revolve Clothing right now. The shipping is free, but weighing up the duties cost…

Now I don’t usually get my head turned by big designer stuff. But, I’ve fallen trop hard for the new Gucci loafer. It’s softer form takes it pleasingly away from the preppier, masculine shape (kind of twattish undertones, perhaps?) of old and is truly is a thing of beauty. All the Insta gals (Leandre, Pandora et al) have them in red or black, but I’m thinking the brown is kind of gorgeous. Or the black. Either really. But again, it’s not my usual kind of purchase or price point, so it might just be one of those indulgent fantasies. And really, it’s very flat for me this kind of shoe. I’d usually need a bit more of a chunkier sole or heel. It’s possible these look best on lengthier stems but I could be wrong. Urgh… More Shopping Stories (woes? regrets?) coming soon.


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