Sunday Edit 26 {The Classy Edition}


Welcome to my new look Sunday Edit for 2016. You know, switching things up with a new background – moving over to dark side, ahahhhaha. Um, well, my whiteboard’s under the bed and I thought I could do with some practice editing moodier pics… 

So a few good things going on here. Suede continues its trend grip so I gather, which is just as well as Boden have just brought out my favourite winter coat (the Sienna style which I have in mohair, and basically wore everyday for a month) in a gorgeous soft brown suede. Gah, jaw hit the desk when I saw it. So yes, this is a really lovely designed coat – the collarless neckline is really flattering and also takes a scarf really well, as it just sits flat rather then get caught up in a collar. So suede, it’s still going, not the most convenient fabric given rain issues, but an investment type thing. I can’t see myself going down the suede skirt route (and given I haven’t by now, doubt it’s going to happen) so a coat seems the right kind of suede piece to have in the wardrobe. Staying classy, right. (Just checked, it’s selling fast, so hop on over quick!)

Stripes are back forefront again (your regular Breton, the bolder, more colourful ones, just all of them really!) so wear them to your heart’s content I say. This mohair-mix Boutique knit I picked up on impulse (while actually on a mission to try on these sold-out-except-online All Saints Chelsea ankle boots.) I sized up two sizes on the jumper btw, you’ll see it an outfit post this week.

More on the classy front is decent, good-looking underwear. This lovely set by the just-launched London-based Beija Flor, whose super-nice team totally get that one styles does not fit all and so have a gorgeous range of bra designs to choose from. I’m the never-wear-underwired type so went for this Can’t Explain style here but really love this For Keeps style too. Lovely quality and feels y’know, classy. (Don’t know why I’m all about classy today, sorry – ‘Stay Classy’ from Anchorman earworm.)

Now, the hat! Which totally ties into the big thing that happened this week just gone, which was finally getting my hair cut short (huge thanks for all the lovely Insta comments, really lovely!). Back to how I had it before baby and blog. I never liked longer hair, always wore in a bun (as you know!) and was useless at washing it and wearing down. So glad I went for it, it’s so liberating, minimum maintenance and just feels so much better! And one thing I could never do as a bun wearer was easily wear a hat – couldn’t take bun down as hair would look awful, couldn’t take hat off as hair would look awful, so just not really an option.

Sorry, it’s a cap. The Isabel Marant one. Sold out online – but they have it in blue and navy in the actual London store; I whirled in, refusing to look at anything else, paid, snapped a selfie (natch!) and left. Pricey of course, but one of those ‘new me’ treats and I’ve been loving wearing it. However, you can get a similar style at H&M for just £9.99. But much more interesting is this one by New York traditional hat-makers JJ Hatmakers, which is actually worn by Gigi on the cover of this month’s Vogue. It’s £30, although shipping and taxes will take it up, but it’s awesome and I’ve just ordered in black. So, bizarrely, Isabel Marant are calling theirs a baker boy hat, which doesn’t seem quite right, as theses are usually gapier at the crown. This style is actually the Greek Fisherman, made popular by Bob Dylan and John Lennon in the 60s. Just, y’know, fyi 😉

Now, also brought on by the new do, is this YSL Couture Brow – I though my brows could do with a little something, now my face is so much more on display! I got colour no. 1 and apply very lightly and sparingly. Definitely neatens them up and then holds in place for rest of the day.

Come the night, beauty-wise, I’ve been lightening the amount I put on to allow my skin to breathe more and regenerate cells – a PR pal told me this is so much better for your skin! So I’m just using a serum (still obsessed with Bamford Organics) and a rosehip oil, MOA’s Aphrodite Facial Oil. Usually I would have loaded on a cream too. Seems to be working fine and I quite like the idea of less.

And finally, because I can never say no to a new candle fragrance, the Lime & Bay (coming soon!) by The White Company is lurvely…

So that’s it folks for today! Some fun outfit posts coming up on the blog this week, debuting the new barnet, so stay tuned. And for all the behind the scenes, random chat (like about cutting my hair), house peeks and out & about stuff, come see me on Snapchat, am fully back into to it right now! I’m @stylonylon


Greek Fisherman style!


New from The White Company…
Brow control… 😉


Coat* | Boden (selling out fast!)

Jumper | Topshop

Lingerie* | Beija Flor

Cap | Isabel Marant (sold out, similar here & here)

Facial oil* | MOA

Eyebrow mascara | YSL

Candle* | The White Company (coming soon)