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It can be a bit overwhelming sometimes, picking the right clothes. Sense of style and what you like can ebb and flow like the sea. Your own style is not something that appears fully formed overnight, like a little egg, it can be nebulous, contrary, changing and confusing. For me at least! But that’s often part of the fun…

I was though quite intrigued to see the results of the Marks & Spencer personal styling service Try Tuesday (named Tuesday after the highest browsing day of the week, interesting!). I wasn’t even sure how it worked and genuinely quite convinced that somebody who I hadn’t met could actually ‘get’ me, especially when I don’t always get myself!

The interface and use experience is extremely smooth and sleek. White background, fresh, simple to use. I actually registered and answered all the questions on my iPhone (cos mobiles basically is where we get the internet these days, innit ;)) and had no issues at all. I actually loved answering all the questions about myself and style as it made me think a little harder about things – the right words to describe how I dress, no to patterns, what type of clothes I wear (although somehow I forgot to mention I don’t wear dresses!).

My stylist Laura was introduced to me and I was told she would come back with a load of suggestions. This bit was great. Not only did she nail my style icon (Caroline de Maigret) but the pieces she chose were pretty spot on. It felt like a really well thought-out edit (apart from the dresses; but I think it took seeing them in my selection to make me realise how little I wear them these days!) and it was fun choosing the bits that would make a look that felt like me.

Denim of course (despite all the rigid denim I now own, there will always be a place in my wardrobe for black skinnies) anchoring a more spring like look with bare shoulders and ankles. Super cute little white trainers and the bit I totally loved was the bandana suggestion. It’s too easy when you’re going down the minimal route to lose any kind of flourish, and I’ve been thinking about bandanas in their current renaissance (I mean, dudes, young teenage me used to tie them round my torn denim thighs back in the 90s!) as a possibility but hadn’t really taken it on properly.

For each piece, Laura had written how-to-wear-and-style notes and I loved how with the bandana she suggested wearing as a head scarf. Which I promptly did! You can give feedback on the pieces selected and continue your correspondence. Everything links through to M&S where you can buy. I think it’s a great way to explore what’s on offer at a particular store, as let’s be honest noone has the time to check out everything. I’m really pleased to have been shown the Bardot top and bandana as these are both things that will fit perfectly into my Spring wardrobe. Oh and it’s all for free, so absolutely nothing to lose. A great exercise in understanding your own style if anything plus a good way to get a curated edit of pieces just for you. Can you tell I’m a fan? Give it a go here



The bandana is lovely and soft, not like the stiff old ones of yore…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Forever DIYing… 

I slashed and grated the hems, natch!






In collaboration with Marks & Spencer.

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