Shopping Stories (ix)

A little shopping inspo, as I conserve my energy for the deathstar that is London Fashion Week next week. Clearly I do it to myself, I don’t have to work a full day’s schedule every day for a brand. But the truth is if I wasn’t, I probably wouldn’t go… 

It’s nice to have a purpose, be needed, be anchored in such a specific type of maelstrom. Otherwise I think I’d feel a bit lost. I don’t really ‘cover’ the shows for my blog so it doesn’t make a huge amount of sense to me to apply for tickets. Backstage and front of house with a camera in hand I get to see Fashion Week literally through my own lens and create images that people (other than myself!) will hopefully find useful.

Butanyway, more importantly let’s see what’s going on above. I’ll ignore the elephant in the room at first (these)  and alight to begin on this most fine piece of knitwear. Let me assure you, it looks the bomb on. It arrived with me this week, I pulled it on, still wearing a bandana round my neck and that moment felt a much sexier, excellent version of myself. Off-the-shoulder, ever so soft and with I-love-them-so-much little pockets. By Jaeger, who have some most excellent casual wear btw – more on that soon.

The bag. Gah, it’s actually another Jerome Dreyfuss I have my eye on (see last week’s animal print gorgeousness) and well, it’s this season’s perfect saddlebag shape and bigger than you think, and just I-want-to-wear-it-in-New-York (my current feel cool place). Transport me now please, direct to Nolita.

Now for something I have used everyday since I got it – the Dr Hauschka Rose Day Cream. Afeared as I was of tinted moisturisers, I have overcome that fear and instead bask in the “Have you been away?” comments it seems to commandeer. It’s so good. Some might think too oily, or too thick, but you have to take a smaller amount than you think then press it rather than rub it in.

Now, let’s talk (very briefly) about the fact that I’ve just spent the most amount of money on a pair of shoes ever. The Gucci loafers. I’m sure there are affectionate nicknames which I’ve somehow missed while fixating on this Insta-sensation. I just fell hook, line and sinker. Thought about it for weeks, confirmed my LFW work schedule (last LFW I bought a bed with the proceeds) and went for it. Mainly convinced that I would be returning them because their narrow shape wouldn’t suit my foot. It did… I’m done. Over and out.

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