Rain, Rain Go Away


What can I say, it’s made headline news that the weather across the Mediterranean is worse than in the UK right now. The question I have isn’t why (although maybe we should be look at that more seriously) but why am I taking this so personally…

But it’s a funny thing we all do, let the rain raining on our parade (in this case a week in the Algarve) really sodden the mood. What is worse than rain on your wedding day or a great party planned? I received a lovely email today which really cheered me up and made me shake myself out: “… if it rains, find a coffee shop, then gorge on custard tarts and swoon over pretty tiles and doorways!” Yes, yes that’s exactly what I’ll do. Thankyou Georgie for bringing the silver lining!

Although we are taking practical measures ahem too, looking at flying a few days later with a ticket change – the tickets were cheap enough to make this a consideration. So, we’ll see. My big plans for discovering and photographing beautiful quiet beaches along the south coast of Portugal may not be completely thwarted yet.

In the meantime, Spring has sprung in London in the most timely manner – bringing it on the first of May, I mean, how English, how proper. Quite like this Brigidier jacket from the new Boden Icons – such a lavish collection combining ‘Edwardian elegance and the opulence of India’. All very enticing and charming and modelled (see the full range on her here) by a great LA friend of mine Michelle Ouellet – such a hottie! Eek, just seen the jacket is sold out (let me know if you’re interested and can find out when it re-stocks!) but check the rest of the range here!

ps. My hair is sooo long in this, I’ve had a chop since!
pps. These MiH jeans are the softest I own!
pps. And the Pen F, my best camera to date! Read about my first impressions here. And for the perfect skinny camera strap check my Sail Handmade one (10% off with STYLONYLON).


Jacket* | Boden Icons (out of stock just now)

Shirt* | Gestuz (available June)

Jeans | MiH

Shoes* | Seven Boot Lane

Bag | Sezane

Camera | Olympus Pen F

Camera strap | Sail Handmade (10% off with STYLONYLON)

Photos by Kip Photography

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