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Sunday Edit coming at ya a whole 24 hours later, but that’s the nature of Bank Holiday Monday, you get an extra day and everything can happen one day later…

Sew (not a phonetic typo, intentional btw) I have for you a selection of things that are pulling it together for our trip to Portugal this week (don’t forget to get a sneak peek of the old farmhouse we’re doing up over on Snapchat!) and a few things that are making home feeling even homier. Travel first. I think I already mentioned that this year I’m all about classic black swimwear. Only because I think come the holiday photos as they and you age and fade, a well-fitting back two-piece or cossie is all you really want to be seen in. Have I just turned the corner into deeply, insanely boring? Or just making my life a bit easier, maybe as I go through a body self-conscious phase (as in I’m begrudgingly aware of it and all the yoga classes I could be doing as the summer kicks in). Huh. Bleurgh. Etc.

But excellent find is this super flattering (halter necks always work well at shaping my bosom and décolletage area – ha, had to look up the spelling of that btw, as I have never used that word before) costume from Hush who have just launched some lovely swimwear – got my eye on the black bikini version too (top/bottom). Since this week I’ll be exposing parts of my that have not seen the sun for a too-long time, easing in with a one-piece seems kinder.

Silk camis in nude are my thing this summer to wear with blue denim fray, long or short. So I’m starting a collection. This one is from Jigsaw and ticks all the boxes. Varying shades of the nude rainbow palette in consideration; will embrace beige, cream, peach, white and grey I think. I’m keeping my eyes peeled.

Call me crazy, but my favourite pair of sunnies over the last two years have been an eight euro round style from Monki. Which is all well and good until you start thinking about the actual protection factor. Proper sunglasses are needed at times. Surprised myself with a completely impulse purchase (not at all, actually) when shooting at The Collaborative Store and trying on the new Finlay & Co Percy style, which I think was actually made for me. Must have been. They fit my weird narrow temples, they sit securely on my ears and don’t fall off when leaning forward, they come in tortoiseshell and make me feel totally awesome. I hope they look as good as I think they do, but turns out I don’t give a fu*k, in the life-changing magic of not giving a f*ck way (it’s a book btw, think I need to read, given how caught up in things I’ve been getting lately.)

Next. Sandals obvs. These are a pair that have been hiding under my bed and were a complete delight to find a) because they have super-flattering straps that somehow look effortless even though they’re not at all b) they’re as good as new, only wore them once for some reason (probably because they’re a fiddle, ugh) and c) they’re K.Jacques and I’ve always wanted a pair. Turns out I have a pair.

Bracelets by the wonderfully named Wanderlustlife and I’m so tapping into their vibes to get my holiday head on and I strapping these two sweet threads and beads to my left wrist in the hope they’ll make for a magical summer and I won’t be taking them off till school starts. Eek, Gus is starting school this year!

Things that are making home good is the latest #plantpostclub delivery from Geo Fleur. Am thrilled to see how this amazing little brand is growing at such a pace and proud to have contributed to the successful Kickstarter campaign – see crowd-funding does work!

Getting very obsessed with Pai Skincare the more I find out about them – super impressive organic credentials, all made in west London – and as I try the products. So so gentle on the skin. My face is generally ok. But bodywise I do have sensitive patches like my chest and I’m finding the body cream with a few drops of the amazing rosehip oil (which I’m using on face too) is very kind and healing. The body cream might be a little thick for some, but I do have dry skin and I’m totally fine with that. I need it. I’m also using the exfoliator for face plus camellia cleanser and face cream. It’s all feeling really good.

Straddling the home/travel border is a bit of sports luxe minimalism, by which I mean a high quality, simple looking top that is more than a cotton jersey but less that a formal shirt. These are the kind of pieces made by AV by AVLondon, also to be found at The Collaborative Store, go check out the sale.

Finally, the sweetest thing of all is the wooden toy camera which arrived for Gus from Acorn & Pip. Of course, I’d love to say all his toys look like this, they don’t, but that’s what makes it so special. There’s a viewfinder to look through and you can twist the lens. Just seen there’s a gorgeous grey version as well! It feels as good as it looks and Gus loves it. And it’ll be one that survives the toy purges over the years and stay with us even when Gus’s toy-playing days are over. Lovely selection of non-plastic kids toys and clothes for the smaller ones and a mama treats section too, great for gifts and self obvs 😉






Swimming costume* | Hush

Cami* | Jigsaw

Sunglasses | Finlay & Co

Succulent* | Geo-Fleur

Sandals* | K. Jacques

Toy camera* | Acorn & Pip

Braclets* | Wanderlustlife

Jumper* | AV by AV London (new season)

Skincare | Pai body creamrosehip oil & exfoliator

 All shot on Olympus Pen F with 17mm lens

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