Things I Learnt Last Week | A Column

Since my blog is so photo heavy I wanted to do more of a column piece. I mean, hey, who doesn’t want their own column? Easy if you have your own blog right? Just a place to discuss topic of the moments, things that are going on in my head and all that… 

So here we go…

The EU Referendum: The turn in the polling tide in favour of #Brexit really made my stomach turn. I grew up in an international school where tolerance and cooperation between different nationalities was key. It formed the bedrock on which my identity was formed. Because my parents travelled around I never really identified myself as from anywhere in particular the notion of a unified Europe incorporating all my heritage and influences (born in England, Italian father, schooled in Copenhagen and Scotland while parents lived in Mumbai, Rio de Janeiro, Dubai, Istanbul and Caracas) was tantamount. International unity and cooperation is the best way forward. So I will be voting #Bremain. I was also really pleased to see only posters for #Bremain in my Hackney neighbour and even exchanged an awkward “Yes, #Bremain” moment with a flyer guy yesterday as I left the house for a jog all un-showered, messy hair etc. My Instagram post to the same effect here:

7 February 1992 (or maybe a few days later!) my international school celebrated the signing of the Maastricht Treaty at morning assembly by unfolding a printed out copy of its many pages (remember when printer paper used to be attached with perforated edges?!) from the balcony all the way down to the floor, past the students and to the podium. I grew up with the values of tolerance, unity and cooperation between different nationalities and they are part & parcel of my identity today. The prospect of next week’s referendum resulting in the UK leaving the EU shakes me to my core. We are always stronger and better together. We have to stay together to go forward. Let’s #bremain ?? Oh, and more palm trees 😉 #eureferendum #strongerin #eureferendum2016

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Christine & the Queens: 
A huge fan of synth pop, I was thrilled to discover this this pretty awesome solo act. Singer, dancer and performer Héloïse Letissier dresses super androgynous cool, does kind of theatre modern dance videos and is on the verge of stealing our hearts. Love this track No Harm Is Done.

The Gucci Bree bag: I’ve kind of prided myself over the years for never really have fallen for the ‘It’ bag of the moment, once It bags become the thing. Way back when to one of the first, the Mulberry Roxy to currents like the Chloe Faye and Drew. I love shopping, I love clothes and I do spend a fair amount on nice things but I’m really not a designer junkie. Certainly never past the £1000 mark on any fashion. But then Gucci. It started with the loafers (restocking soon apparently) which I succumbed to earlier this year and then somehow now a bag. I hate logos and status-wearing but with the loafers it really was such classic, beautifully made forever purchasing and now with the Bree a retro element with its gorgeous tan not-in-your-face-but-an-elegantly-designed monogrammed canvas has wound in and every time I think of it, I can’t help but picture it with an outfit or sitting on my sofa/kitchen table/rug thinking just how perfectly it will fit in to my world. Gah. Birthday present to self? Watch this space.