London Beauty | Blow Massage

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERALike me you’ll probably know Blow Ltd best for their blow-dries and manicuring services but they’ve recently introduced a home massage service (£60 for 60 mins!) and that, for short-hair-and-nails me is where things start to get interesting…!

There’s something about the end of year grind that can get you a little run down, the work and meetings pile up, the prospect of Christmas drinks and dinners loom (in a good way!) but you kind of wonder how you’re going to fit it all in. And then you get a cold and you realise your neck or lower back is killing you. Sound familiar?

You realise you should take some time out and focus on self and wellbeing, but even then the prospect of getting to an appointment and then sitting on the tube back home – your zen totally compromised by rush hour – just doesn’t seem that appealing. Which is where home massages come in! You don’t even have to ‘get ready’ for it.

I was literally just out the shower and in my dressing gown when the lovely Alex arrived. A physiotherapist as well as masseuse, he set up in the sitting room (I can’t get over how light the portable tables are these days) and assessed my situation and where I needed attention – always my right side neck and lower back!

I love how some masseuses manage to create a seamless treatment with an obvious start and end with rising crescendos in between – sorry if that sounds silly, but there’d definitely an art to massage, lulling your client, preparing them for the more intense bits, working them through the tough bits and knowing when they’ve had enough. Alex did some amazing deep tissue work on my upper and lower back plus some fantastic stretches with me at the end to help me open it up. The perfect combination of pampered relaxation and treatment!

Deep tissue massage, £60 for 60 mins. You can book via or the Blow app