A Story of Unboxing

As much as unboxing (the process of) is owned by the internet – with You Tube and Snapchat at the forefront of creating tense suspense to satiated end – there’s still, in essence, something extremely intimate about opening something just for you. Which is why perhaps the process is so inviting… 

[ezcol_1half]Every now and then I’ll do an unboxing on my Instagram Stories. In a sort of silly childlike delight – eg. recently a beautiful criss-crossed leather bag I bought from Spain, that I’d been anxiously anticipating – and I do love the joining in aspect of it as viewers send in ‘What’s inside!’ or ‘Open it!’ comments. Although I’m by no means an expert at unboxing online; more awkward one-handed struggle against the packaging and in the interests of smooth viewing (you only get full disclosure here, natch… ) sometimes I’ll have to had to open at least part of the parcel already. True, dat… [/ezcol_1half] [ezcol_1half_end]Partly for seamless presentation (oh yes, that’s me, smooth operator as always) and partly because I kind of want to experience it for myself first, in private. Which goes back to the intimacy of opening something – a present, a gift to self, a complete surprise – just for you. What could possibly be inside? Will it be something you will adore, love, keep forever? Trust me, as you get older and life gets busier and more chaotic (how does that even happen?) these moments become more and more precious. Stealing time away for yourself and doing something indulgent never felt better. 😉 [/ezcol_1half_end]

Gorgeous packaging adds to the thill and makes gifts even more wonderful, don’t you think? There’s no shame in treating ourselves or being treated, to take some time out and just enjoy something a little special that makes us feel special. Anything from something small to something lavish, or the in between. 

I’ve always loved the quality of Jaeger clothing –and now they have lovely new packaging to match – how it feels and how in my mind anything by them bestows an elegance (hark back to me as a teenager in awe of my Edinburgh gran’s Jaeger camel coat!) to any wardrobe. There’s a confidence in Jaeger designs that exudes effortlessly from their pieces; classic but always with a knowing nod to current trends like this oversized bell sleeved knit from the new knitwear collection – some really gorgeous pieces, have popped my faves above…



This post created in partnership with Jaeger; all views, styling and words my own as ever!